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The clock is ticking…

And I am getting further behind! Not on anything important. But I haven’t used my sewing machine in forever. Wait that is not true, I stitched up a little catnip pillow for the kitties. That took about 30 seconds. But fall is the air and I am beginning to feel a bit more inclined to create something. I have a couple of aprons cut out. I have some dolls I want to make. Why? No reason, just want to make them. I have done a bit of baking but nothing terribly impressive. A carrot cake that was VERY delicious. The icing was a bit different. You whip a cup of whipping cream and add it to 8 ounces of softened cream cheese and 1/2 cup sugar. VERY very good. Not too sweet. Most of it is still in the frig though. We have had a tummy bug around here and not much is getting eaten. Everyone seems to be on the mend though. Thankfully.

Husband comes home a week from today. He will only be home 16 days before he has to leave for England. Then I will follow on the 16th – arriving the 17th. I think all the itinerary is finished but I don’t have the details just yet. I am a bit nervous about navigating the tube and train in London alone but at 49, surely I can do this. Surely. It is just going to be a bit overwhelming since I am from a town with a main street with 3 stop lights. I have used the Metro in Paris but not alone. I have never been on a train in my life. So yeah, I have a few apprehensions. My mantra for the trip “Keep Calm and Carry On”. Speaking of keeping calm, I saw the cutest poster at etsy that said “Keep Calm and Have a Cupcake”. I think I need it for my kitchen!

It seems we have a “bite” on my mom’s house. Hopefully that will go thru and I can check that off my list of things to do. And add 1000 other things to the list pertaining to the cleaning out, distributing and/or storing all the items from her house. I have dreaded that day. Almost as much as I have dreaded seeing someone else living in her house. But it is


Ode to The Broom

We had occasion to visit some of the girl’s friends’ new digs a week or so ago.  This new home (though it was rather old…actually REALLY old) seemed to have “other occupants”.  Unwanted by the new occupants. When this dilemma was shared, my first response was “Tell me you didn’t bring an old broom in here!”.  A throwback to my childhood, which was a little more than interesting in the superstition department.  Indeed they had.  OH NO!! Take it out NOW! So “new occupant” quickly ran outside with TWO old brooms and flung them out into the yard.  We picked them up and carried them away as we left.  We DID NOT bring them in our house either.  They went straight to the dumpster.  The next day Hannah delivered a new, unused broom as part of our housewarming gift.  She gave them instructions on how to sweep around the perimeter of the house (inside) and then sweep the dirt and “whatever else” out the front door.  Reports are it worked.  DUH.  There are just some things that shouldn’t be triffled with, you know? Here are a few more “rules” passed down to me:

  • Never buy a new broom in May. (you will loose a friend)
  • If a girl inadvertently steps over a broom handle she will become a mother before a wife
  • Laying a broom in front of a doorway will keep unwanted guests away

Oh there’s more, much MUCH more.  Not about brooms, but oh my what a colorful family I come from!  My mother’s family was the most superstitious bunch I have ever met!  Sometimes it was hard to keep up with all the “rules”!

In case you have occasion to buy/put together a housewarming gift here are a few suggestions:

A wooden (so the new home will be stable and harmonious)  basket filled with

  • Bread so they will never go hungry
  • A Candle so they will always have light
  • A Coin to bring them good fortune
  • Honey to bring sweetness to their life
  • Knife to protect the home against intruders
  • Olive Oil for healthy
  • A Plant so they will always have life
  • Salt so they will always have spice in their life
  • Wine so they will never go thirsty (substituting sparkling cider as this friend is under age!)

You of course don’t have to give all these things…any combination is welcome!


A LITTLE Clarification

Dang, I have a knack for confusion lately!  The drawing for the “soapy” gift will be Monday September 22nd.  Better late than never right?  Suz and I have had a bit of trouble getting coordinated with all the hurricane mess and well, life in general. So you still have time to leave a comment and enter to win over at the “Meet My Friend Suz” post.  I don’t think I have ever been so disorganized for everyday tasks and getting little things finished as I am right now.  But I am working on it!

And stay in touch ’cause I am going to be doing a Happy Happy Halloween Giveaway!  Details soon. Have a terrific Tuesday.  I really need to get some housework done today.  I want to things all spic and span so I can work on some Autumn crafting!

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