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Bringing Back the Chapeau

Why can’t hats make a big comeback?  I mean one where if you DON’T wear one, you seem out of place instead of if you do, people kinda look at you like WOW…that’s a hat! You know I was never much bothered when people would ask if I had anything to wear besides overalls.  Because actually I didn’t.  I even had a pair of black velveteen ones for dress up.  I tired myself out wearing them EVERY day for about 5 years.  The only time I wore anything else during that time was to my daughter’s wedding.  I actually wore overalls to the rehersal dinner – hey it was barbeque, so it was fine, right? I have never really give a big flip what anyone thought of my attire so why NOT a hat or three???

Anyway I think if I just DO IT and get used to seeing myself in them, then I will adjust and not panic when I see myself in a mirror or window pane.  I always think, Man my face looks round in a hat.  Well, guess what…my face IS round in or out of a hat.  Here is my latest obsession:

And judy0044 asked were I found the other hats and they are all here. Maggie Mae Designs. They are all so wonderful and beautiful and I WANT one so badly!

Weather Update: We are expecting wind and exceptional amounts of rain today thru Sunday.  So if I am off line you can figure why.  No power.  We were so fortunate during Gustav, I think it might be too much to hope for again.  But I do anyway.  Ike is set to go west of here which means we will get wind, tornadoes etc.  Not good…again.  But I will be in touch as soon as I can.  Now go visit Maggie Mae Designs and help me bring back the chapeau!!!

Oh and by the way…I colored my hair.  My daughter in law will be THRILLED.  She has been after me.  But I think she wanted me cover the grey – which isnt exactly what I did. I had about 5 different color highlights put in.

You cant really see here.  But it is several different colors.  I like it.  And I like the way my hair feels -more body or something.  I said I would never color the grey.  But I lied.  Just got a wild hair and wanted a new do.


Another Thoughtful Thursday

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. ~~~Benjamin Franklin

Oh my, what IS Ike going to do?  I thought we were free and clear but I will be filling buckets today.  Just in case. I will be so happy to see another end to another hurricane season.  I know we have gotten of very lightly this year but it is so stressful with Husband 6000 miles away and you know how I feel about being stressed.  I DO NOT LIKE IT.  And try desperately to avoid it.

Apparently, by Saturday we can expect a bit of wind.  The Texas coast, and no one is quite sure exactly where, is going to take a pounding.  They are expecting Ike to reach a category 4 before landfall.  So PREPARE! And stay safe!


More Soap Talk

Today is the first day in almost a year that I have wanted to make soap. I also have a hair appointment so I mixed my lye water to cool while I am gone and tomorrow I will MAKE SOAP!!! Husband has been mentioning how low he is getting at work I try to make him quite a stash when I make it. So I am feeling motivated from all Suz’s comments I suppose. I will let you know how it turns out and give you the recipe for the pork loin I have in the oven for tonight’s supper. It smells so good.

Here is a soap picture from back in the day…

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