Photos of the Day

Cute photo of the day:

Julius is like one of those fox stoles, only alive and a kitty!  He is soooo rotten and loves Benjamin so much.  I joke with him that we will have to get him one of those little wagon/harness things that pets have to use if they get hit by a car or something and are paralysed.  You know, the whole if you dont use it you lose it thing.  He is carried so much he wont be able to walk!!

Now in contrast.  The NOT CUTE Award goes to:

There is nothing remotely cute, or funny and it is certainly not a joking matter.  However, it is a reality so here we go again.  Filling buckets, getting prepared.  I do have reservations in a town about 5 hours North of here in case we have to leave.  I am so ready for this hurricane season to be over with.  I know everyone else is too.  Mother Nature can be a real…ummmm…pain sometimes.

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Mercy girl…I agree. Hurricanes – go away! Go spin about out in the ocean where you can’t cause damage..just leave this land area alone. Go away. I am back to wringing my hands – checking the weather stations – and praying for folks in your neck of the woods.


I did not realize you live in the path of these latest hurricanes! Forgive me…sometimes adding pieces of the puzzle together takes a while. I hope this hurricane peters out fast before it makes landfall in the U.S. You have already had your share of bad weather this year.

Do you leave only if there is an evacuation order? Or do you leave if a hurricane reaches a certain category? I would be sick with worry about house & property if we had to leave.