Thoughtful Thursday: That Charlotte Bronte!

She knew of what she spoke.  Here is a quote from the old gal:

In spirit, I believe, we must have met.

My eyeballs flew open at 4:26a.m. I always feel weird when that happens.  You know like something woke you up? So anyway I look at the clock again  – still 4:26.  I lean over, pick up my laptop off the floor, open it so I can have a little light, grab Husband’s itinerary off the bedside shelf and look up his flight number.  I go to US site and click on Flight Status.  Then put in his flight number 1685.  Flight 1685 arrived in Paris from Tunis at 11:26 Paris time…which is 4:26 our time.  Cool huh? Or creepy.

When Husband called just a minute ago to let me know he was in his seat on his flight coming to the states, I told him about it.  Oddly, he wasn’t really surprised.

So that is your food for thought today.

Do any of you feel that kind of connection with anyone?  Just curious.

I have a busy day ahead of me.  You all have a good one!

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Oh my gosh! I thought I was the only one who did that. I’ve been known to leave my cell phone in another room and just as I think to get it DH calls. It happens so often it’s weird. Must be love!

Queen of the Fashionablt Outdatee

Suzi- I woke up this morning and was thinking of you and your famliy. I thought- I had better check in with her and see how she is doing.
love b

Spirit speaks to spirit. I firmly belive that!