Well…it is Wednesday already!

This week is getting away from me!  I sat in front of the weather channel for a day or so and that put a damper on getting something constructive done.  This morning I have a dental appointment so Benjamin will just have to bring a bit of his school work with him.  I have this filling that still feels odd at times so I want to let the dentist look at it one more time to be sure it isnt going to fall out or anything.

I have a couple of aprons cut out I would like to stitch up if I get back in time.  AND I have to come up with something good for supper.  Nothing sounds outstanding at the moment.  I think I get out of the habit of planning menus while Husband is home.  He always plans our menus and executes most of them.  I am spoiled in that area.

Can I talk to you about hats?  Yeah hats.  I am not a hat person. Not that I dont like them – I LOVE hats. I just think they look ridiculous on me.  I have several berets I will whip out from time to time -but not often. And maybe it is because I am not used to seeing myself with one on.  But I sooo wish they would make a real comeback.  I have a cocoa colored trench coat on order.  The more I look at the pictures of it the more I think I might send it back.  I need something for that transition to winter.  I have my lovely LOVELY walking cape but it will not be cool enough for a while –  it as it is wool.  And it rains so much in the fall here, I need something. Anywho, I fell in love with this hat last night surfing for something else.

There are no prices listed on the website which leads me to believe I won’t be getting it.  But I inquired just the same.  I wish I knew what style this was called so I could google it.  Maybe I could find a pattern for it and whip myself up one to see just how ridiculous it does look.  And of course how adorable would this be with my red walking cape…well on someone else’s head maybe but I LOVE it.

So if any of you know what these styles are enlighten me!

Best wishes to those in the path of Ike.  I hope you are all safe and sound!

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What lovely hats Susan! I don’t know what style they are, but I know I like them!

I have a love for hats but don’t wear them well at all – it just seems to emphasize my pumpkin shaped head! I do have a book of hats called ‘Happy Hats and Cool Caps to sew for the whole family’ by Anne-Mette Hermansen and Tina Elnef which is a fun pattern book – the hat you long for reminds me of the Afghan Farmers Hat, with embellishments, which I have made with great success for many non-pumpkin heads! I hope you can find it and sew happy hats too!


I love the first hat too and it reminds me of a cloche style which is fitted and bell-shaped (close as I can come). I would love to know where you found it.