Ask nicely please.

The following comment was left for me to approve and I chose not to. Because…well…I don’t have to. I am tired and it struck me wrong. So I am going to respond to it here and hopefully next time I read it, it won’t bother me. Why am I tired you ask? Because I found out yesterday that we will close on my mom’s house, most likely by Friday and I have until then to get 50 years worth of stuff out of it. So I am busting my butt. And catty comments don’t go over very well when I am tired. What is wrong with asking nicely?

Someone wrote:

I’m questioning the usefulness of advocating only one flour brand, expecially as it’s not available everywhere (like here). I’ll be keeping my eye out for it, and Bulgarian-style buttermilk. But if we can’t find those things, you seem to be saying we might as well not even bother. If so, then your cookbook will have a very limited market. That’s all well and good if that’s your intent – is it?

As a matter of fact this particular cookbooklet is for a specific class I am teaching locally. I wanted some input on the content, grammar, instructions. And what I am saying is White Lily is THE BEST I HAVE FOUND. You may find some you like, some that suit your purpose. And by all means, use whatever you have. I AM saying if all you have is Pillsbury or Gold Medal, then yeah, in my not so humble opinion, I think you are wasting your time making biscuits with either of them. However, if you have a source for flour made from soft winter wheat and it specifically says so on the package, then that is what you are looking for. Less protein. I intend to go on about this more in the final draft of the booklet. I hope I didnt leave anyone else with the impression that this booklet was for sale. Also, I am going experiment with using cake flour as it is lower in protein like soft winter wheat (grown in the South in warmer climate–told you its very scientific).

And yes Pat in TN you may copy it when I get it finished.

So now I apologize for being cross but I am exhausted and the comment stuck in my craw. Tommorrow is a new day. And a new mood, hopefully.

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Here’s another article on the White Lily flour conundrum (i.e., it’s the best, hands down):

It’s always hard to find WL flour at my local supermarkets — not because they don’t carry it but because it’s always sold out!


We can’t get White Lily flour over here but we can get lovely French flour from France and I find it’s a very suitable substitute! Don’t give the naysayers a second thought Susan, I don’t! Don’t let anyone rain on your parade. My heart goes out to you having to deal with this final bit of dealing with your mom’s things. (((hugs))) I know it can’t be easy.


I was wondering why I had not herd from you, I know you are terribly busy. You can just call me when you get done. My thoughts will be with you. I know it is hard.
And for the comment, don’t worry about it…… I do not know what people have with being testy, it does no one any good. Let it slide right over you, you have other things to think on right now. I really think sometimes it is better not to comment at all than to say something that may hurt someones feelings.
And if that person only knew it is not easy for us to get that type of flour either!

Hang in there. This too shall pass.

Commenters like that just are usually are just lacking something in their own life or wishing for someone else’s life.

I know of several other ladies here on the “net” that offer cookbooks, cooking advice and such and they all recommend White Lily flour. They live all around the US and they have it in their cookbooks.

That is how I knew a long time ago to change from what I was using.

There are also other brands that some recommand. That is their choice.

Love ya and praying for you at this time,


Good luck and best wishes to you for the coming week. I’ve not had to clear out a parents house yet – thank God – but I’m sure it’s a really tough time for you. Love and hugs Bx


Hope you are feeling better today!

You did *ask* for feedback, right? That part in the previous post about “Tell me honestly what you think”?

Granted, you’re going through a lot right now and seem really stressed out, plus it’s your blog and you get to approve whatever you want… but I think it’s only fair to accept feedback when you actually did request it. I think the comment you’re questioning was a simple question actually very graciously worded, whereas your reply was not (sorry).

I did apologize privately. Didnt figure I would stir the pot anymore here. I did ask for feedback.


White Lily is the BEST! However, I have been out of my usual “locale” and found that Martha White works in a pinch, if you decrease your flour by about 1/3 cup and add 1/3 cake flour (plus about 1 teaspoon) in its place. White Lily is just sooo soft.
Oh and my 2 cents – this is your blog – you’re sharing with us, you should be able to put anything you choose out there. Folks either don’t have to read it or just ignore a specific post if it bothers them.
I think that most cooks would know about substituting – as many regional cookbooks have ingredients that aren’t found on the local grocery shelf, but hey – just google – you’ll find a substitute!
Keep it up NQJC!