Beautiful British Birds

Not the two legged kind…the feathered ones!

These are all pictures of birds I snapped while walking around London.  Husband and I always notice birds.  We are not birdwatchers, persay, but we do seem to always notice and take note of them.

What a pretty raven!

Lovely English pigeons!

As if they were carrying on a conversation.

A BEAUTIFUL black swan with the most lovely ruffled tail feathers.  I just thought he was amazing.

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Love those ruffled feathers.. I didn’t notice that the other day on your tv. Thats cool.

Well, I must say, I looked at that second picture of all the birds and immediately thought of Mary Poppins. Knowing the movie was set in London and such. Then I wanted to start singing: “Feed the birds, Toppins, Toppins. . . . ”

. . . Oh, never mind.



Did you get to see any Robins??? I think the British Robin is so cute. We were amazed the last time we were in Trafalgar square that there were no pigeons, at least not what we were used to seeing there. apparently you are not allowed to feed them now as they are a huge nuisance!

Wow…those tail feathers are incredible. I’ve never seen anything like that before. I just love birds…


It’s amazing how many birds hang out in London, England.

That first bird you photographed is actually a Magpie, I believe. We had scores of them when I lived out in Edmonton, Alberta. Here in New Brunswick (Canada) there aren’t any magpies but ravens and crows instead. Magpies have the white markings seen on that first bird.

When I visited London England I took plenty of pictures in the parks. I took one of a Bobby (London policeman) on a bicycle. It wasn’t until I had the picture developed and looked at it closely….that you could see the guy was sticking his tongue out at me!

The first bird is a type of magpie. They were TONS of them in Korea. The ones in Korea were horrible little creatures always diving trying to snatch your fries away while you were walking.