I am off in just  a few short hours.

I am excited and nervous and sooo anxious to see Husband.  He called just a few minutes ago to wish me a safe and uneventful trip.  I don’t know if I have ever heard more excitement in his voice.  He is truly happy I am making the journey “just to see him” and spend a few days with him before he is off to Tunisia again.  He knows this is a big step for me and I do see it as a bit of a challenge.  It is very VERY hard for me to say I “can’t” do something.  As in I am not capable.  I don’t mind saying I can’t if time doesnt permit or something not in my control.  But to just admit I can’t do something – well, those words won’t hardly come out of my mouth.  I told him I didnt really know why I was nervous.  He pointed out that I made it to Paris with three kids in tow, got a cab, went to a hotel and out into the city before he even landed. And I didn’t speak the language.  Good point.

I will be back with stories to tell next week!

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Enjoy your vacation!


Hope you have a blast!!

Oh, can’t wait to read your upcoming post. You are on my dream trip. England. Oh, I hope to visit someday too.




Have a safe trip and Enjoy!