Home Sweet Home

I totally enjoyed my trip to England.  Wait, let me rephrase that.  I totally enjoyed my TIME IN ENGLAND.  The trip…not so much.  TOO much time on a plane to suit me. My skin gets so dry and my lips so chapped on the plane.  Plus I feel sooo grungy.  However I had wonderful seatmates there and back. So that helped.

Here are a few pictures until I am recovered from jetlag enough to post more details!

More later!

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The pictures turned out great, love the green in the last one! SO glad you had a good time and we are all glad you are back!

Queen of the Fashionablt Outdatee

Welcome home! I can’t wait to hear all about your travels. Miz Suzi goes to London. Do tell us more.

love b

Glad you got home safe and sound Suzan! Can’t wait to hear more. The pics are fabulous!

Lovely photos, from my beloved England – looking forward to more soon….

Oh, this is my dream trip!!! I can’t wait to see more photos.



Wonderful! Looking forward to hearing more! :o)


Hi Susan,
I enjoyed your pictures. I hope to one day go oveseas and visit England. Maybe my husband will surprise me on my fiftieth birthday which will be five years from now (a girl can dream can’t she…hahaha!!….:)

I’ll be checking in to see more pics.


How fun…a trip to England…I would love to go there! Great pictures!
-sandy toes