Two Yanks Walk Into A Pub…

drank a couple of pints and had a hoot visiting with some chaps Husband has spent the week with.  One other yank and a couple of Aussies.  The Aussies were just charming.  Had some wonderful stories of their world travels and of course had to tell me what a great guy I am married to. 

We are off to London this morning.  More later!  Just wanted to let you all know I made it safe and sound.  No problems.  And I LOVED my train rides.  Great way to see the countryside!

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Have fun you brat ;o)
Your kids are fine, I keep bugging them and checking in.

So glad you made it to Jolly Ole’ England safely and are having a grand time ole’ girl~!



Glad you got here safe and sound Susan and that you managed the trains and underground alright! You GO girl!


Hi there!
I’m so glad to see that your blog is still up and running. I’ve been out sick for most of ’08 and just the other day started to be able to use my laptop without hurting my eyes.

Hope you remember me but if not that’s okay!! I have the My Love Affair With Thrift Shops blog but I am changing it up a bit and have tentativley titled it Timeless Things.

I have a lot of catching up to do so I will drop by real soon!