A Few of My Favorite Things Giveaway! Numéro deux ~ Jour deux!

Some of my most prized possessions are books.  I LOVE books.  I own books.  I buy more books.  When I was in London one of highlights of my trip was stepping into a quaint little bookstore called Persephone Books.  I went to the one located at 109 Kensington Church Street.

It was a lovely brisk Monday morning when I stepped through the door into this quaint, tiny, filled to the brim bookstore.  I purchase quite an armload (and books are heavy to pack!).  As you can imagine it was a lovely area of London (I didn’t happen to find an area I didn’t think was fascinating).  Then Husband and I hoped back on the Underground and got off at the Fulham Broadway station and walked to the Chelsea Football Stadium.


FINALLY here is the second prize in this giveaway:


I picked up two copies of this with the sole purpose of giving one of them away when I returned.

This is from Persephone Books website:

The subtitle of The Country Housewife’s Book is How to Make the Most of Country Produce and Country Fare:  like Good Food on the Aga, Persephone Book No.45, which is a useful and inspiring cookbook even for those who do not have an Aga, this is a fascinating and important book even for the town-dweller.

There are eight chapters, each beautifully illustrated with line drawings by Mary Gardiner: the first is ‘a general survey of storeroom and larder’, then comes ‘Garden and Orchard Fruits’ (which tells you the best time to pick fruit, what size it should be and how to bottle it, and how to preserve fruit as jam and jelly). The next chapter is about using garden produce and is full of useful suggestions that marrows should be planted to ramble over an arch and how to grow sorrel and salsify. Chapter IV is about milk and eggs (cream and butter-making, lemon curd, egg nogg for colds) and Chapter V is called ‘The Sportsman’s Bag’ and has tips and recipes for pigeon pie and game soup and salmon trout.  Then there is a chapter on herbs – drying them, using them for medicinal purposes. The penultimate chapter on ‘hobbies of the country housewife’ may be less useful to those of us who do not want to skin rabbits or use fowl feathers.  But there are some good tips on how to deal both with unwanted insects and ‘the mischievous mouse’ and the ‘unpaid helpers of the country housewife’ such as ladybirds.  To end with there are special country-house recipes such as ‘household bread’ and crème brulée. The Country Housewife’s Book was recommended to us by the owner of a working farm in Kent who said that she uses it all the time (even though it was first published seventy-five years ago).

Do go and look around the website…and tell me you don’t want to order a copy of every book! This one however, is a prize indeed!

Good luck and all you fellow book lovers leave me a comment! Your name will go in the second mason jar.  Not quite as famous as THE mason jar but equally as important!

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Giveaways are so much fun!

Hope you’re feeling better!

Oh…I love old books like that.

It really gives a picture into the times.

OMG! I looked at that book when I was in London, but not at Persephone’s!! I didn’t buy it, but REALLY wanted to!

Me! Me! Pick me!!

Oooh I would love to read this!


What a joy – please count me in!


Oh my what a treasure. I too am a book lover and this book looks absolutely divine. I would love to be entered in the “not quite as famous” mason jar. 🙂


i would like to be entered for the book.
thanks so much

Nance in France

Yee haa! Count me in, too, please and thanks. I am a certified bookaholic. Hugs, Nance

Great book Susan, and so generous of you to want to give a copy away!


I would love that book. An early holiday gift!!!



it looks wonderful! count me in..again =)


This book reminds me of the stories my 90 year old dad tells me about his mother. She died a year before I was born.
I find it amazing how some ways of life never change. It would be great to read this book. Please add my name to your delightful drawing. Many thanks…..Cindi


Very cool that you got to go to London! I think I’m jealous! I love old bookstores, call me crazy but I love the way they smell. Please add me to the jar. Thanks!

Queen of the Fashionably Outdated

Add me too Susan. It sounds simply marvelous! You are too kind.


looks like it has such useful info in it..the herbs, and produce info..would love to enter the drawing.
thanks for the opportunity.

Vicki Martin

This sounds like a book I would love to read!


Sounds like an interesting book. Please toss my name in. Thanks.

Add me in! This looks like an awesome book. Very nice of you:)


Count me in! I love books like that.

That looks like my kind of book. Put my name in please.

Enter me again! I love books and this one looks soo interesting. Thanks! Farmgirl katie

I love any books on homekeeping or cooking or anything like that!!

Please put my name in.


dkelewae @ MJ Farm

Oooh I’d love love LOVE to have this book to read!


What a great giveaway! I love to read and this sounds like a good one!
Thanks for the chance to win!

oh! me! me! me! please pick me! lol

Please put my name in the jar. I enjoy your blog


Please enter me in your giveaway Susan..

Denise Thompson

This looks like a wonderful book. How lucky to get to go to London. Thanks for having the giveaway and giving the opportunity to us win such great prizes.
Please add me to the mason jar for this one.


I will also confess to loving the smell of old books and bookstores. This cookbook sounds like a treasure to be enjoyed over and over again. Add me for the drawing 🙂

Sharon M.

Oh, books! Love ’em!! Please enter my name! 🙂

Robin S

Cookbooks are my passion!! I read them like novels!!!!!1

Robin S

Cookbooks are my passion!! I read them like novels!!!!! Add me to the drawing, please!

Nicole (ikkinlala)

This looks like a wonderful book – I’d love to add my name to this mason jar too!

Rachel A

This book seems to be right up my alley! Please add my name to the jar!

That book sounds like something that could be very useful in my home! Add me to the drawing on this one, too!

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