A Few of My Favorite Things Giveaway! Numéro deux ~ Jour quatre!

What goes well with a good cup of coffee first thing in the morning???? A tender flaky homemade biscuit!  The fourth and final prize is a NotQuiteJuneCleaver Biscuit Kit!  Pasty cloth,two pound bag of White Lily self rising flour,  biscuit cutter and my very own biscuit making recipe booklet~ Biscuit Making 101!


Today is the last day I will add a prize to this very big giveaway but you will have until noon (CST)Wednesday to get your name in the mason jars.  Then afternoon Wednesday I will announce the winners of each of the prizes.  Good LUCK!

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Denise Thompson

All this and biscuits too! I haven’t seen the White Lily brand in a long time.
Please add my name to your mason jar for this. Thanks!

I’m back! Just popped in for a visit and I see another giveaway. Please enter my name in the mason jar for the biscuit kit. I’ve never used White Lily flour — and I don’t have a buscuit cutter (poor me) — and it’s getting cooold here and buscuits with jam and butter sounds so good right now.


I’d even pay for the shipping on this one (I’d pay it for any of the prizes)…White Lily flour isn’t available around here……
Thanks for the fun!


Okay I must admit I need this, after years of cooking and baking I have yet to master biscuit making. Will you add my name to the mason jar and could you send over a hot biscuit this morning?

I NEED this prize! I have moved to the South, and can’t make a biscuit to save my life. Oh, the shame of it all!

In my defense, i was born and raised in Hawaii. We don’t eat biscuits there!

Oh lady, I need to win this just for the Biscuit Making 101!!!

Please put me in the jar for this.

Thanks again for doing this.

We dont have that flour in our region…i will have to see if i can get it off line and try it…..anything has got to be better than making the kids bisquick biscuits or grands…ps..great blog! glad i found it.


Hello. . .I just recently discovered your blog. I love it so much! And I love anything “June Cleaver”. . . my idol!!!

I’m not sure exactly what I need to do, but I would like to entered into each of your giveaways. Thank you so much! Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

Lori S.


I have yet to find that flour locally or make a fabulous biscuit from scratch (Lord knows I have tried!). I wanna win this one soooo much. And if I don’t win it, I will buy it from your shoppe 🙂

Lisa C

My family loves biscuits but I’ve been shamelessly serving them Pillsbury. Everytime I try to make homemade, they either are hard as a rock, burnt, or a little raw! I can never find a happy medium. I need biscuit help! Thanks for hosting.


Oh this would be amazing! Count me in, again!


Erica Ferguson

Ohh me!! We cannot get the White Lily here in NW Arkansas. I was able to find a locally milled flour that is really nice and would love to see how it compares to White Lily.
Erica Ferguson


I’ve heard so much about White Lily flour… I’d love to be included in your drawing! Thanks!

Oh…I Heart this one.

If I could choose, this one would be the one I want to win.

Ooooh I would love this!! Biscuits are a breakfast staple in our house.


I like to make biscuits but it seems that you know many tricks that I don’t. Adding the DVD would be great. I have also never used self-rising flour or pastry cloth so it would be great to try them. Please add my name to your mason jar. Thanks.


Oh please count me in on this! You caught my attention with the biscuit making post, but we don’t have the flour here. I would love the opportunity to give it a shot and feel like I might actually make a decent biscuit for once in my life!
Thanks so much for the chance.


i have always wanted to make homemade buscuits. This would be the perfect starting off point for me.

please, pick me, please!!!!


Oh Susan, please enter me in your biscuit should get a job in public relations!!

I love to bake. Please put my name in the jar.


What fun! Please put my name in the jar. I’d love to make your biscuits!

Sharon M.

Well, you have me all excited about biscuits, Susan! 🙂 Love ’em, but haven’t made them for a long time. Enter my name, please!
Can’t wait until your shop opens! 🙂


Please add me. This is soooo cool. I would love to try this out and would love to win. Awesome blog.

Robin S

Thanks in advance for entering me in the great giveaway. I was just talking about my lack of biscuit making skills – Help me!

Queen of the Fashionably Outdated

The much raved about and highly anticipated flour. Oh yes indeed, please add me too!


I would love the opportunity to try to make your biscuits. I consider myself a decent cook, but my biscuits leave a lot to be desired!


WooHoo!!! I’d love to win this one especially with your biscuit bakin booklet!!!!


Kathy Miller

Add my name to the biscuit-making list please. I’m going to buy the White Lily flour the next time I go shopping. You sure have me convinced.


Hi! I have read about this flour, but have never used it!
I would love to try it. Please enter my name in your delightful drawing. Many thanks…..Cindi

Michelle K

I’d just finished drooling over your yummy-sounding biscuits, and wondering why I never try making my own….. then, I see that you’re giving away one of your fab biscuit-making kits. Wahoo! I would LOVE to win!!

Rachel A

I’ve only made biscuits with bisquick – I’m sure your kit would take me to the next level! Please add my name to the jar!

Mmmm . . . biscuits. I love trying different recipes for biscuits and your recipe looks like it might just take the cake (or biscuit, as the case may be). Add my name please!

OOOOH…please add me. I have NEVER seen White Lily flour here or where I grew up in Calif either. I would love to order some from you..the 2 5lb thing in the flat rate container…we love us some bisquits here…and with my okie roots I make them from scratch….may as well use the best flour, right?????
Please enter me in the drawing too…sounds wonderful!!


OH please!!! Add my name!!!!


Laura Swanson


I’m so ashamed to admit as a southern girl, I’ve NEVER made home-made biscuits! I’ve always been intimidated by them for some reason. When I was growing up, my Mom always made great biscuits with gravy…boy I miss that. And I sure wish I’d watched her cook more so I could have learned some of her cooking secrets.

I’d appreciate being entered in the drawing. Maybe there’s hope for me to learn yet!


I need to make biscuits for my son’s thankgiving dinner and looked up biscuit kit (kitchen luddite). I appreciate being entered for the drawing!