A Few of My Favorite Things Giveaway! Numéro deux ~ Jour trois!

I think its pretty well established that I LOVE aprons, and books and now on day three of this giveaway I want to offer up another of my very favorite things.  GOOD COFFEE!


There also is not much worse than a bad cup of coffee.  It has been known to mislead people into believing they don’t like coffee when in fact, they just don’t like bad coffee.  I will be giving away a 6 ounce bag of my special Farmhouse Blend.  When I had my shoppe open, this is the coffee I sold.  If you don’t have a grinder, I will be happy to grind your beans for you.  If you do, you will receive whole beans.  And if you do own a grinder then you probably already appreciate how much better a pot of coffee brewed with freshly ground beans really can be.

Also in this little box of goodness, will be a container of Carmel Chocolate Cocoa.  YUMMY!  My mom LOVED this stuff.  Well, she loved hot cocoa in general but she really apprecited this brand ~ Fireside.  Again, when I had my little shoppe open I carried Fireside coffees, chai etc.  These are the best.  And to let a little hint drop: When I reopen my shoppe (not soaps, sorry) coffee, tea and cocoas will be available.  And for the record, I only sell stuff I know is top notch.  Stuff I love! If all goes as planned, you can  watch for an announcement of products available in the upcoming week.  Just in time to get a few things for the holidays.

Now if you are a fellow coffee or cocoa lover, leave me a comment and your name will go in the 3rd not so famous mason jar!  I don’t think I said but the drawing will be held next Wednesday.  This gives everyone a chance to enter.  And remember while you can enter every day’s giveaway, you may only win one.  Thanks again for your participation. I will add the 4th and final prize tomorrow so stay tuned! And have a GREAT weekend!


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Not much of a coffee drinker myself, but I do love hot cocoa! I bet yours is fabulous!

Coffee and chocolate is loved in this house.

Oh, what could be better than reading a book and sipping cocoa or coffee while wearing an apron??

Do enter me in the not-so-famous third mason jar for the coffee & cocoa giveaway.

I look forward to the reopening of your shoppe — how exciting!

Farmgirl katie

Ooooh. Sounds delish!

Okay, you got my attention !!

Put my name in this one also.



green June~are you opening up a brick and mortar shoppe? or is this an etsy (or online) shoppe? I don’t know how I missed this news!! Perhaps you will post details or tell me what day this information was posted. Sure would appreciate it! One reason I love your blog… seem to love all the things I do! Birds of a feather…………..

I’m the only coffee/cocoa drinker in this household, so if I win, the tasty prize will be all mine. Count me in!

auntie m

My morning coffee is one of the best parts of my day. I didn’t touch the stuff until I was 45. All those wasted years!


I have my favorite coffee brand but always looking to try others. Whole bean is my favorite. Count me in and thanks!


ooh coffee coffee coffee!! count me in!


I love all things coffee and an apron to boot, it will be my first apron as I can’t never afford or decide which one to buy!
Thanks for the chance to win.


ohhhhhh hot cocoa AND a good book?! what a way to spend the morning!

Can’t make it through the day with out coffee here! Although we are stuck on Community Coffee!!


I love Community Dark Roast but I would love to try something new. On those mornings when I’m having trouble getting out of bed, all I have to do is remember that it’s time for coffee and that gets me going!

coffee…did someone say coffee? I’m a self professed coffee fiend! thanks for the give away!

Michelle K

OOOh, sounds wonderful….. lots of coffee and cocoa lovers live at my house.

Ok- this one’s for me:) As an avid coffee drinker always in search of the perfect cup – this could be it! And, mmmnnn, carmel chocolate cocoa? Does it get any better than this?


Thanks for another give away. We love coffee here. Please enter my name. Thanks.

I love coffee! My kitchen is even decorated in a coffee theme 🙂

Thank you for the giveaway!

kerin0874 (at) yahoo (dot) com


I would love to win your coffee beans for my sister and her husband. They will be celebrating their 43rd wedding anniversary on November 27th. They only use whole bean coffee. At our home, we love coffee and hot chocolate!
Thanks for all of the wonderful giveaway drawing prizes.

Mary Jenkins

Coffee and cocoa..2 of my favirite things, too! How well we would get along!

Denise Thompson

We love coffee at my house and I have a grinder too! Of course, we also love everything chocolate. Cocoa is a must here in the wintertime and this sounds yummy. Please add my name to the mason jar.


I love coffee. I love Chocolate. I even love chocolate coffee and mocha cocoa. Pleeeease put my name in for this drawing!

Erica Ferguson

MMM good. I am working backwards through the posts and would love to get some coffee.

We LOVE good coffee here. Please add my name to the jar!!!

Sharon M.

Yummy! Coffee–I’ve always said if they made a perfume that smelled like coffee, I would wear it! 🙂

Robin S

Nothin’ better than fresh ground coffee!!! Pick me!!!!

Queen of the Fashionably Outdated

Did I sign up yet? I can’t remember- oh my, I must need coffee!!!!!!!!!


Please put my name in the jar too!!! Love your coffee. Will be looking forward to the reopening of your shoppe!!


I would love this! Thanks for entering me in the contest!

Rachel A

I am definitely a cocoa lover! Please add my name to the jar!


I’m right there with you on the coffee. Bad coffee is just…bad! I always look forward to that first cup of joe in the morning.

I’ve never tried the Farmhouse Blend and would love to try it.

Coffee for me and the hubby and cocoa for the girls! Perfect!