A Sneaky Peeky…

into the shoppe!

Apron Page NOT finished…but a work in progress…would love some feedback.

Cookbooks Page DEFINITELY NOT finished!

other pages will be Brews and Baking…stay tuned!

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Oh I’m so happy to see you (getting) back up and running!

I was also wondering if you could do a child’s apron for a boy? My nephew loves to get in the kitchen with me!

I would be more than happy to do one for a boy…meant to put it on the website and forgot! Thanks for the reminder!

I love the apron page!! The slide show is Fab!! And I really like the sketches for the apron styles. Really lets you see the style without the interference of the fabric pattern. (NOT that there is anything wrong with fabric pattern! Bring it on, the more the merrier!)