Biscuit Making Video

What are your thoughts on a biscuit making DVD?  Maybe to slip in with the Biscuit Making kit?  Would that be helpful?  Sort of peeking in on my biscuit making class which was by the way VERY fun and successful.  Here are some emails I received afterwards:

You sure know how to make things look easy! Thanks for the excellent class! ~K

We just uploaded some pictures from Susan’s first Biscuit Class.  The last photo is a picture of the biscuits M made using Susan’s recipe, tools and techniques.  Not only can you count this as a Home Economics class, but you can also count it for Chemistry. Susan definite knows how to cook and understands the chemistry of baking.

Her tips included:  using cold ingredients – flour, water and lard, as well as cold hands.  Another tip was to not overworking the dough – in other words “do not knead your biscuit dough.”  She didn’t even use a rolling pin before cutting the biscuits.  The pastry cloth she made for each of us really worked – no more sticking to the counter or wax paper.

Just wish I had taken this class about 30 years ago! ~ K

In a word……yum. ~R

C just made a batch and they were just lovely…. thanks so much
Susan for all your hard work! M 🙂

We really enjoyed yesterday, the biscuit making and test tasting …and the coffee and fun conversation too!  Ü  I enjoyed L’s enthusiasm about making biscuits and about having her own pastry cloth and cutter…. she chattered all the way home about how much fun she’d had and all about the cooking things she would like to learn to do. I see lots of floury escapades and homemade baking happenings coming up soon in our kitchen! ~C

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Erica Ferguson

I think a DVD is a great idea. I used your biscuit making info as a Home ec lesson for my girls. It was great. I have actually used a lot of your recipes to teach my daughters and sons. Have you ever considered putting together a Home Ec. curriculum? I think you would be great. I am also looking forward to you opening your new shoppe. Great things on the horizon.

I think it’s a great idea. How about one on bread baking and apron sewing too?




I think the DVD is a fantastic idea! Sometimes my biscuits don’t come out right. I still try though. Watching someone do it would be a tremendous help (you know that a lot of people want to make their biscuits in secret!!). Shame on them!

Lori S.

What a great idea! Biscuit making must be as much art as it is science! I have tried and tried, but it is the “art” part I must be missing!!

Those are some wonderful comments Susan! I think a DVD would be a wonderful addition!


Another vote . . . Yes. I believe a dvd would definitely be beneficial. You can’t get the technique reading a recipe as well as you can seeing it done.

I would absolutely buy a video!


I agree! I have never made biscuits as I am too intimidated by them. A DVD would be oh so helpful!!!