I'm not really a doctor.

I just pretend sometimes.  But hey, it’s not my fault.  With elderly parents (rest their souls) and 6 children of my own, I have seen a lot and am fairly good at diagnosing minor things.  Sometimes even major things.  Anywho, I think I have a epigastric hernia.  Yep, that’s my diagnosis and Monday, Dr. B will either confirm or deny. Dr. B did my gall bladder removal surgery and did an excellent job.  Couldn’t have done better myself.  And since this apparent hernia is in relatively close proximity to my gallbladder scar, I would like for him to at least take a peek. I have spent a couple of days lying flat or standing upright for extended periods of time.  Sitting and scrunching those upper abdominal muscles seem to make matters worse.  I don’t think it will be a big deal even if that is what it is.  And it is mostly an uncomfortable feeling more than actual pain.  But it might explain my indigestion etc.

We had a very wet but nice day yesterday in Shrevport doing a bit of holiday shopping. We hit the fabric stores, mall, craft shops, book/coffee shops, Old Navy and just for the record,  Sephora is evil.


It draws you in and dazzles you with its extraordinary selection of skin care products and cosmetics.  And they will sample you on absolutely ANYTHING.  I am so impressed.  I didn’t go with the girls last time they went there and listening to them chatter on about “Sephora this” and “at Sephora they have…”, “can you believe the selection of … at Sephora”.  I was thinking “Good grief my children, it is JUST MAKEUP.”  Right, just make-up and a thousand other cool items!!!  So that was fun and Rachel got a sample of Burberry Brit and we spent much of the rest of the day sniffing her.  Oldest daughter went along as well and we ate supper at Macaroni Grill before heading home.  A good time was had by all.  I cannot comment on most of the purchases because all of my children read this blog from time to time and many were gifts.

In case any of you are wondering about the size of my calves (and I know you never have- that would be a bit strange) they are HUGE.  Even when I was just a slip of a girl, my legs were big.  Not so big you would look at them at go “WOW, now those are some big legs!” but you just try and pull boots on over them.  I found one pair yesterday and on sale and they didnt have my size.  Both the younger girls bought themselves boots.  And they are adorable.  I had ordered two pair to try from Zappos but nope…too tight.  I didnt realize they had a category for ‘wide calves’ but they did (evidently my HUGE calves are not the only ones around) and I looked and will ship these two pairs back and try them. I have a pair of brown casual boots from several years back. They are Born brand and very comfy and the main reason I bought them is because they would go on my legs.  But I would really like to have a black pair. Hopefully these will fit over my gianormous calves:

10942-716096-pSo also,  I have made some decisions about my etsy shoppe and I will be sharing all that with you VERY soon.  AND biggest news…I will be posting a giveaway tomorrow!!! So stay tuned!!!

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Love the boots! Your shopping trip sounded like loads of fun and yes Sephora is a blast and just the mere mention of Macaroni Grill has me craving a piece of their decadent chocolate cake.

Hi There! Oh you made me chuckle:)
Those boots are really nice looking – hope they fit.

Take Care,


Oh my! I can totally relate to your calf “problem.” Puh-leaze let us know how the boots work out! I just ditched an inexpensive pair that fit. Dern cheapo things started to deteriorate right on my feet. They were a few years old and made of pleather though. Hubby was so sad to see ’em go. 😉

My youngest daughter has enormous calves. She’s very tiny everywhere else, but her calves are a throwback to our Scottish ancestry and the highlands that helped these hardy people to develop strong legs. She wears trousers most of the time as she hates her calves. Her great grandfather had the largest calves in his regiment in WW1, which sounds amazing, but somehow doesn’t quite wash with a teen. She’s an adult now and has learned to cope.