Set your clocks back!

The first few days of “changing our time” make me feel like I have a mild case of jetlag.  I woke up this morning at 2:30, rumbled around for a bit and went back to bed.  So now I am a little later than usual getting up – for good. I am so happy I have a great coffee maker that doesn’t take forever.

We had the best time at the Whitaker’s last night. When we got there Shannon had the fire going and we were ready to roast hotdogs and bratwurst and enjoy a meal together.  As soon as we had made the last s’more, he put his brand spanking new camp perculator on with pumpkin spice coffee and it was great!

You know, I have so much to share here on my blog that I am having trouble knowing where to start.  So many treasures I found at my mom’s when we were cleaning out.  OH and an update:  The house is sold, we have closed on it, we will have new neighbors starting next week.  Bittersweet

I will see about getting some pictures posted soon.  Thanks for continuing to come here and check in on us, even if the content is less than great.

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I just posted photo’s on my blog… hope you don’t mind?
We had a great time.