Most of the shoppe is LIVE!  Take a look around…place and order if you like.  If you have problems let me know.  I am sure there are kinks yet to be ironed out.  It’s good to be back!


Click the banner to go directly to the shoppe!

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Brenda G.

Hi Susan….

I’m not able to view the new shoppe when I click on the banner…is just brings up a blank page. Is anyone else having this problem?

Also, with Christmas coming quickly, I wanted to try the hot process method of soapmaking & the lotion bar tutorials. Will you be posting them soon ? I’m trying to avoid the last minute panic on quick gifts to whip up !!


Some are having trouble…some not! I dont know what to make of that. Try emptying your cache maybe…or cookies??? I have a call into my provider to ask if it something I could be doing wrong. Thanks for the heads up…I am working on it!

The shoppe looks fabulous! And I bet it was a TON of work to get it up and looking this way!


WOW…Susan, the site is fantastic!! It is a lot of fun just to look at and click round–LOL! Just in time for holiday shoppers too. ;o) Wishing you much success and fun with your venture–good luck! ((HUGS))


I wish I could see the site…just a blank page comes up.

The Christmas Traditions cookbook has created some family traditions for us–My girls traditionally request Stromboli whenever we gather!

(You can quote me on that if you want!)

Congrats on your site- and expect an order for cocoa and coffee soon!

I don’t have any problem with viewing the shop but there is a new version of MSIE Explorer and I have downloaded it and I am finally used to it and I really like it. It has tabs at the top so you like file folders so you can choose which pages to keep open and go back and forth if need be. That “may” be the problem.


Hey…i wasn’t able to get on the site today…wanted to order an apron. Are you making any right now?