Thoughtful Thursday: 10 Thoughts on Whole Living

This found its way to my inbox this morning.  Thank you Kim.  I needed this.

Ten Thoughts on Whole Living

1. Rediscover the pleasure of a snowy (rainy, cloudy) day.

2. Food has the power to transform.
Choose yours intentionally.

3. Let your soul weigh in on your decisions.

4. Don’t rush positive change.
The best kind comes gradually.

5. When you indulge, stop to savor every taste.

6. Each day has its small successes—take time to
celebrate them.

7. Beauty reflects self-care. Let yourself glow.

8. Your body craves motion. Allow it to flow in harmony with
your breath.

9. Instead of seeking love, see it—–everywhere.

10. Greet every day with a ritual
of gratitude and strength.

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Wonderful thoughts Susan. As you can tell I am playing catch up here today. I have not had any computer time much this week as they have been re-doing my kitchen. I know you know what that’s all about. They are still not finished and my house is a tip!!! I have missed my blog reading though!

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