We have Husband’s surgery scheduled for December 10.  Hopefully it will be a quick and fairly painfree recovery.  The holidays are upon us and we will just work this in!

The giveaway packages are going out today!  So much going on just couldnt get to the p.o. during open hours!  I am still waiting to hear from one winner…yoohoo where are you???

So much to do today I must run.  A family dinner tonight  – then the BIG dinner on Saturday…I am trying to drag this out arent I?

If I dont get another post made before Thursday…HAPPY TURKEY DAY!


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Wow, your blog looks great! I’m glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving day. A prayer goes out to your husband.

I would love to show your Christmas decorations or Christmas tree in my December Days blog. I’ve gotten a good response and just love to look at how people decorate their homes and trees. You can email your pictures to

Big hugs,
Deanna 🙂