Welcome November!

My goal for November is to make it a productive month.  It almost has to be.  So much happening this month!  Two biscuit classes, Husband’s return and appointment with the neurosurgeon, Thanksgiving, holiday cooking and shopping and planning and executing! This is the month I will make my Christmas Cakes and put them to rest for the holidays.  I have a few gifts bought and soon it will be time to decorate our house. Husband put the lights on the roof in October while he was still home knowing that he may very will have his arm in a sling soon and wouldn’t be able to.  But before all the Christmas hoopla comes Thanksgiving…with LOTS of preparation.  Each time we talk on the phone (which I am happy to say is every day) we go over our thoughts on the menu and bless his heart, Husband is a traditionalist when it comes to holidays.  Traditional foods especially.  I mentioned having an Italian menu one Christmas – just for a change, he almost had a fit!  NOOOOO!!!! Turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce…you know regular stuff.  And of course, coconut cream pie!

But between now and then is a very important day…please remember to go vote Tuesday November 4.  You haven’t and won’t find any political stuff on this blog.  It isn’t the place for it.  In my opinion.  If I ever decide to “talk politics” I will set myself up a special blog just for that.  It is kinda like discussing religion.  Not the place.  I have dear friends in real life from all places, religions and party affiliations.  Those RL friends know me, know what I believe, know how I vote and we try not to let it come between us ;).  But I will go so far as to say GO VOTE!  It’s important for me to honor the sacrifices people made so I can.  If for no other reason, that is why I vote.  I know sometimes, many times, it seems it doesn’t count.  And sometimes if I think about it too hard, and contemplate the Electoral College and how it works, I think the same thing.  But I still go vote.  It is not only my right, it is my privilege. Plus, I think if you don’t vote, then you should shut up.  But hey, that’s just me.  The only person I discuss politics with who I know for sure doesn’t vote is Husband.  Never has, and I doubt he ever will.

Not so quick story: We had been married about 25-26 years when I finally asked him why.  “Why don’t you vote Husband?”  His response: “There has never been anyone I thought I could support.” Really??? Well, not knowing his political views even though we had been together nearly 30 years, had 6 children together, shared as much as two people can, I realized I had no idea where he stood politically.  I had assumed many times when I was running my mouth about MY views and my displeasure with how things were going, that he just didnt agree with me and thought it wasnt worth arguing about.  I always assumed he was much, MUCH more conservative than me.  MUCH.  I couldnt have been more wrong.  The man is somewhere left of Ghandi.  I have never been more surprised about anything.  I just always assumed he was just a gentle soul with ME.  And our children.  But he really and truly is a gentle soul.  Non violent.  I always assumed he didnt believe in spanking, because he let me take the lead in most of the child rearing and I was brought up that way.  I know he got his little behind tore up a many a time when he was little.  I heard from his mom he did.  But he never suggested it was the right thing to do with our own family.  But the fact was, he just didnt believe in it.  I thought well now is the time to ask about this as well.  Might as well get to know the man I have shared my life with for nearly 30 years.  He just said “Yeah, I see kids all the time I think could use a good beating, but not ours.  They’re smart – they know right from wrong.  I think talking will work just as well.  It has so far. If it stops working, we will re-evaluate.”  Now my talking, he meant definiately raising his voice sometimes.  And I think out of frustration he has popped a butt occasionally, but we never used spanking as a plan of discipline.

All that to say “Happy November!” and “GO VOTE!”

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Looking forward to our visit, I love the picture with the flag pole and pumpkins.