What's for supper?

I am going to bake a spiral cut ham for supper tonight.  And make some of my famous creamed potatoes.  Not whipped/creamed potatoes but new potatoes or red potatoes sliced, sauteed in butter/olive oil and then cooked in half and half until tender and yummy.  There will be ham left over and I can make some sloppy joes for tomorrow night.  What to go with??? Maybe some homemade biscuits. All sounds pretty heavy huh?  Maybe I will have enough little lettuces in the garden to fix us a salad too.

Busy day today.  Finishing up preparations for my class on Wednesday afternoon.  Tomorrow is election day…so don’t forget that!  Like you could.  Personally I will be happy when it is all over and done and we can move on to something else.  No matter who wins, Wednesday morning I will still get up and do the same things I had planned.

Not much news here today so I will leave you with a  picture for your viewing pleasure:

Happy kids!

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your son looks JUST like you!!!!!!!!