Our Hannah took off in a big silver bird from Houston yesterday, headed to Miami. She arrived safe and sound before we got back home from the airport. She will be visiting with friends until Friday when we will retrieve her. Friday is also the day Husband has a dr appt to check out his post surgery progress. Poor man is so bored but has done really well I think. He even survived me driving to Houston and back and only put his feet up on the dash twice 😉

We have had a wonderful holiday and will be enjoying our little grandson at least through New Year’s. He’s a cutie dont you think?


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it is always so hard when our “little ones” start growing up on us and “spreading their wings..gosh I now have a nearly 18 yr old..oi.
I’m sure your daughter will have a great time though with friends.
And your little grandson is a cutey. enjoy your time with him..I know you’ll spoil him good. hope your hubby has a good report at the dr’s.

Your grandson is a reall sweetheart! All the best to you and your lovely family in 2009 Susan! XXOO

Grandson is so adorable! What fun to stay alone at the Grandparent’s!!!
Hope your husband is continuing to make progress with his surgery.
Happy, happy New Year to You!! ♥

Happy New Year Susan !!

Good to hear that things are good at your home.

What a sweet picture of your grandson. Thank you for sharing.

Love ya,


Ohh Susan, your grandbaby is just precious. What a smile!

I hope you had a great New Year’s day!

Deanna 🙂

Happy New Year!!!
Your grandson is sure cute….big family resemblence!!!