Change of Plans


Husband’s surgery has been rescheduled.  He is one sick puppy.  He started getting a sore throat a couple of days ago and it is getting worse instead of better.  We are headed out this morning (in the freezing cold with a change of rain/snow~BRRRRR) to the doctor to get a CBC and throat culture to be sure it is viral and he is not in need of an antibiotic.  So now we will do this ulnar nerve rerouting thing next week instead.  I hate for his sake it had to be put off but he can’t have surgery with a 102 fever.

If you ordered from my website I will get the orders in the mail tomorrow.  Still having problems getting the video uploaded but about to try again.  I will update you when there is news to tell.

Have a great day everyone and stay warm!

UPDATE: Husband does indeed have strep throat – antibiotic started.

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You guys be safe in this weather! Thanks for coming last night!

Oh, gosh! I hope he feels better…SOON! Take care. You are in my thoughts!

Oh my. I’m sorry your husband is sick, but I’m glad he’ll be on the mend soon with the prescribed meds. and I’m glad he was HOME with you to take care of him when he took ill.

Hopefully, you’ll stay healthy and not catch it. So. . . no playing kissy face, OK?

Merry CHRISTmas!



Bummer! I hope your husband is feeling better soon! (((hugs)))