Did you know we homeschool?

Yep…this is year 20 for us.  I am not EVEN kidding.  We have been at it that long.  TWENTY years.  WOW.  That sounds amazing even to me and I have been here almost every day! This is a video I found on youtube.  Perfect response to all the jabbing we have endured over the years.  I will be the first to tell you homeschooling isnt for everyone…but neither is school. Enjoy.


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I am always amazed, when speaking with homeschooled children, at how bright, mature, responsible and well socialized they are. I’ve had fabulous conversations with kids that I’ve bumped into while traveling, shopping, etc. In my experience, they stand apart from other kids in the best of ways.

This is our first year homeschooling … and I have already faced these stereotypes and snide comments. Thanks for sharing this video! I laughed and agreed 🙂

20 Years?! Maybe you should make a list of 30 pieces of advice for homeschooling moms! 🙂

My sister in law has homeschooled 7 children. Applestars is her blog. I admire you with this! My kids have lived and traveled abroad. It was the best homeschooling experience of their lives. But they all were also public schooled too.


As you well know, I have had those comments thrown at me quite often. Loved this…. wishing it would all fit on a t-shirt!! LOL
How are you all doing? Better I hope.


The best one I ever got was the one from that old biddy working at Walmart. I can’t even remember exactly what she said, something along the lines of “But what about college?!?!!*. Just the irony of it all was almost too much to take.

*Yes she did sound as panicked as the punctuation suggests.

I didn’t realize you homeschooled. I was homeschooled and I homeschool my own kids. It’s hard sometimes, but such a joy too.


Keep up the good work. We homeschooled our children too and soon the grandchildren will be doing it . it’s fantastic when you can see your convictions and work through the generations.

Ha! How perfect of me to visit today and find this! This was my 10 year old’s first DAY of homeschooling, and I have only homeschooled for a total of about 6 months in my life…and I’ve heard almost all these remarks. LOL!!!

terrific!I’ll be catching up with you in ..oh..about 7 yrs…ha..but I’ve been at it for 13 so far..and have really enjoyed it.

My daughter is nearly four and we are planning to homeschool and I am so nervous I won’t be able to do it. How do you stay focused and disciplined? How do you figure out what they should learn??


Great video! We hs our daughter for 3 years and loved it! We got some of the same ?’s…so silly.