Homemade Kumquat Liqueur

I always buy kumquats this time of year.


Its a nostalgia thing on my part.  My Momma Tom (my mom’s mom) had a kumquat bush at her house and we would eat them until we couldnt eat another.  They tasted much better then I think.  It could be that we never washed them first.  Everything is a little more flavorful if there is a little danger involved.  I wouldnt dare feed my kids unwashed fruit of any kind…but we picked and ate and and survived.  Anywho, I had a couple of pounds of kumquats and decided to make a liqueur…I LOVE citrusy liqueur like Grand Marnier so this should be yummy as well. I washed them and dried them. And gathered my stuff…


Then I made a simple syrup 1:1 white sugar and water. I let it cool completely.  I scored each of the kumquats vertically Then I put a layer of kumquats, a cup of syrup and cup of vodka.  I ended using all the syrup which was 2 cups sugar and 2 cups water.  And I topped the jar off with vodka.


until I was out of kumquats and the jar was full…don’t they look beautiful?


I think it will take several months for it to mature but I will probably sample it in a couple of weeks! Next…Cranberry Liqueur!!! YUM!

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Mom bought some clementines ( mandarin oranges) at Sams the other day. Well, the girls loved them so I found some at Super Target. They are so good. I have never had a kumquat before, never even seen them. Making a liqueur is a good idea! It looks so pretty!

I adore kumquats and never find them here. Not like they will grow here for sure. My grandma had about every OTHER kind of tree and bush..but my aunt always had kumquats. That jar looks just beautiful all full of them!!
I got the bisquit kit in the mail today…can hardly wait to bake some. Must go get some lard first. My mouth waters just thinking of fresh bisquits! I always have used Gold Medal..I have a feeling I will be asking you to send me White Lily flour…I want the best you know..haha.
Have a wonderful week!!

that sounds neat..I have about 3-4 lbs of kumquats..and didn’t know what to do with all of them.
wanted to also stop by and wish you and yours a lovely Christmas.
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have a great week!

I adore kumquats too. Growing up in FL I have fond memories of sitting in a kumquat tree with my sister, eating until we could eat no more, also with unwashed hands. Thanks for the memories. Your photos are beautiful! xoxo


Thank you for this simple recipe. I have a ton of kumquats starting to color, I was looking for something besides kumquat marmelade to make and share. Last year we made plum liqueur, this year peach and apricot. I’m looking forward to the citrus flavor of the kumquat liqueur, I expect it to be exciting. You mentioned several months for it to mature; we waited 3-6 for the other liqueurs, I saw a recipe for kumquat that required 2 yrs… that’s a mighty long wait, what do you think?. Thanks again.

Mine smells pretty stout already and it has only been a bit so I think 3-6 ought to be plenty! Good luck.

so..a question on you have to heat process the jars for a little bit after you pour all of the ingredients into the jar to seal it/like you do for jams/preserves??? or do you just use a good clean sterile jar and put everything in there,close the lid on it and wait? I wanted to know for sure because I’d like to make some of this.And certainly didn’t want to do anything wrong.
you can email me or next time we chat let me know..okey.
also..are your kumquats as sour as a lemon? ..our neighbor gave us a bunch of them..gosh girl..I have like 3-4 lbs or better of them..and sheew talk about pucker power..those things are down right tart..but he has his trees planted right near a lemon tree and his navel orange tree..I swear those things must have cross pollinated or something..I guess once the sugar is added and the vodka I’ll have something decent from them… hmm..or at least I’ll get drunk trying..LOL
and I’ll just tell everyone..”’s just a new kind of lemonade..really it is..honest”…yeah..that sounds like a good excuse.:0)

Here is where I got my info…
and one more

I am going to do Cranberry this next weekend…and try my best to get holiday pictures posted!

belinda menso

Man am I crying, made some kumquat liquor yesterday and had a look at it this morning, what do i see? A heap of fruit fly lavae! I havent got the heart to tip it all down the sink, I had gone and bought the best quality vodka I could afford, and have used the whole bottle!! Does anyone think this liquor could still be ok? I have heard of eating the worm in the vodka bottle but is this pushing it a bit! They must be hardy little buggers, I didnt see any at all when I cut up some of the fruit and they are still alive after soaking overnight in vodka! WHAT THE!!!!