Lucky us!

We had a very good day tooling about the big city and shopping.  Kitchen stores, the boardwalk, bookstores and Italian food.


Our last stop of the day was the “Gucci Brookshires”.  That’s what husband calls it.  It is in the very nice part of town and has an amazing meat and produce market and one of the few places we can get fresh lamb.  We mill around, some how put $114.62 worth of things in our shopping cart and check out.  We walk out the door and look across the parking lot and there is our vehicle with the back passenger side door standing wide open!  My heart sank.  My purse was on the front floor, all our purchases were in the back- probably close to $1000 worth.  Hannah’s 160 gig IPOD was on the seat in the middle section. My cell phone was plugged in in the front section.  Not my regular old cell phone but the one you can dial ANYWHERE in the world with!   Guess what!  All these things were STILL there.  Not a thing was taken.  Someone missed one heck of an opportunity.  Husband said they looked at the door standing wide open and said “Well, there’s nothing in there, the idiots left the door open.”   Probably so. So that was was an interesting end to a very nice day together.  Seriously we had a great day.  The weather was perfect and everyone found the things they were looking for.  Benjamin even bought some escargot he has been wanting to try.


So tonight’s supper will be mussels (another thing we wanted to give a whirl) and escargot!  What a treat!  And Husband said he would make some salmon patties to put on the grill in case we dont like the gourmet choices.  So that is my exciting story to start off the week.  Husband’s surgery will be Wednesday so stay tuned for those results.

Merry Monday to you all.  And check those car doors when you get out to shop!

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That is very lucky!That is a really nice part of town… I think thats why you did not get robbed… ha ha.
Umm… is Ben really gonna eat the snails??? I cannot even do the mussels or even oysters. Yeah, I am no fun. Just not my cup of tea. I think I am going to serve good old pork chops for supper (LOL).
You guys be good… remember “shut your car door lady!”. I am sure that is what Sam would tell you!

How very lucky for you. How did the snails and mussels turnout?


Not lucky, but protected by angels! This is what happens to wonderful people who share themselves and their recipes, eh?

Sounds like a wonderful day, and I, too, would like to know how the escargot and mussels came out. I’ve never eaten mussels, but I love escargot. OK, it’s been like 22 years since I ate any, but I liked them then!