Sweet Serendipity

Serendipity is the effect by which one accidentally discovers something fortunate, especially while looking for something else entirely.

I was looking for my order from Atlantic Spice.  I got home from my massage appointment and there were several packages waiting.  TWO from Atlantic Spice.  One huge heavy one and then a little teeny one.  Odd.  Well I opened the teeny one first.  Saffron, pistachios and citric acid.  Hmmmm.  I didnt order any of these things.  So I dug a little further in the box and there was an invoice.  An invoice with another person’s name and address.  I looked on the outside of the box again.  Yep, my name and address on the UPS label.  So I googled the name and town (in VERMONTMY FAVORITE STATE!) and found a phone number.  I rang up this very nice lady in Vermont and said “Is this Ms. S?”  She asked who was calling and I told her (like she would know who I am!) and asked her if she had placed an order from Atlantic Spice.  Indeed she had.  I explained to her that I had received it.  We had a nice chat about Vermont and Louisiana and my upcoming trip to her part of the world and she said to call her and she would tell me all the best places to eat etc.  How sweet is that?

Anywho, I am mailing her goodies to her today.  We passed a few emails back and forth last night.  And I look forward to meeting her for coffee (or tea) in September.  Ms. S, I hope you read this!  She gave me permission to tell our little story – even suggested it!  But I left out the part about her being “a nutty old lady from Vermont” ~ her words not mine!  I think I have made a new friend across the miles! Sweet Serendipity.

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Isn’t it wonderful when random events bring a new friend into our lives! I love the state of Vermont. I am always telling Todd that if we ever win a lottery we are going to live in Vermont!!

What a great story! Atlantic Spice was fulfilling your order for friendship!!! ♥


I love it! You were meant to meet. How wonderful for you. I love stories like this.

Hope you have a great week!

Deanna 🙂


I’m the nutty old woman in Vermont! I am blessed to have found a friend in Louisiana…… if only I had my order in time for Christmas! If it don’t it won’t be from lack of kindness on the part of my new friend Susan.

Isn’t life grand?