Two Days ~ Three Aprons!

Thought I would show you what I have been up to.Two days…three aprons.  Now I have to sit down this evening and make out our menu and grocery list for the holiday.   I will make more cookie dough this afternoon.   Weather permitting this weekend, I will make candy.  I think we might have scrambled eggs for supper.  I have a lot to do! No time for a big meal.



This turned out so adorable…I love the pattern!  I will be making this one again soon.  Husband was even impressed with it.

Then again he may just be bored out of his head.



Didn’t get a picture of the lining on this one but it is red and white stripe.


Cute fabric huh???


noshowThis one I will show you after the holidays.

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How sweet are those aprons?! I just LOVE the red print fabric…where on earth did you get it? So cute!

Love these aprons, totally adorable! Can’t wait to see the mystery one.

Darling fabric on that second one! Is it vintage? Source?

In case you didn’t get my thanks on a previous post, thanks again for the yummy yummy coffee and cocoa in your giveaway. That coffee blend is just so mellow — such a treat! Thanks bunches.

I got that fabric from J & O Fabrics. It is adorable.

Your aprons are just wonderful Susan!! You have such a wonderful eye for colours and designs! Can’t wait to see the mystery apron! do you have patterns for these aprons that you would consider selling?


These aprons are so cute, I love them. I’m anxious to see what the third one looks like.


Absolutely adorable!! You exemplify one of the few good pieces of advice my Mother ever gave me: “It can be handmade, just don’t let it look homemade.”



simply lovely !
I too have been sewing today..
My oldest.. married dd has been complaining that I have made everyone but her an apron.. so I got busy and made her a splendid one today 🙂

God Bless you and yours ..
Merry Christmas !

Cute aprons but the second one with that wonderful red print is adorable (and I love the thought of the red and white stripe lining!)