Warning: Whirlwind Approaching!


A whirlwind called “The Holidays”.  No matter how you prepare, what you make ahead, the last few days before whatever holiday is approaching are a whirlwind.  Frayed nerves, lots of coffee, endless list reading and checking off of completed items. Wondering if you have forgotten something or someone.  Remembering how you promised your little neice last year that you would take a box of cookies to the poor old guy who works at the garbage pick up station because in her mind 1)he’s too old to be working (I didnt have the heart to tell her he’s working off a DUI and this is his community service) and 2)obviously he doesnt have any family or they would be taking care of him instead of a man at his age working (I really don’t think he’s so much as old and has a lot of miles on him – ya know?).  Getting last minute gifts tied up.  I am doing a little basket of goodies for each of the families who will be here with us for the 24th.  That will be our big holiday gathering.  Everyone will be here for food and gift exchange.  Well almost everyone.  Oldest son and his little boy wont be here until Christmas night when we will get to enjoy the little man getting his gifts from us.  And really it will be quite nice as I remember how overwhelming the holidays are for little ones.  Sometimes almost to the point of NOT being fun you know?  But I will say this…I had NO IDEA how much work my mom actually put into the holidays until she was gone and it fell to me.  WOW.  I have a new appreciation for all she did to make the holidays special  for the rest of us.  I also know how stressed out she got, which trickled down to the rest of us.  I just wont do that.  I will do what I can do, pass off what I cant and then if it doesnt get done, oh well.  We have never not had WAY too much food and so far, I havent forgotten to get someone’s gift.

This year’s holiday notebook is getting a work out.  But I am happy to report I am on schedule as of this morning.  I made tons of candy yesterday and still made it over to Jessica and Jason’s for what we originally thought would be eating out and ended up ordering in.  What was I thinking?  And why didnt someone stop me?? I thought it would be fun to see the Christmas lights and go out and eat.  Maybe at Chilis…maybe at the pub?  Was I nuts??? Well, obviously.  We ate last night a little after 9 (how European of us) and ate Chili’s take out.  It was good and we had a great time.   But next year we either need to be at the eatery at 4 in the afternoon or plan on eating at home to begin with!

Yesterday’s List is completed.

  • Chocolate Fudge no nuts
  • Chocolate Fudge with pecans
  • White Chocolate Fudge with cranberries and almonds
  • Martha Washington Candy
  • Buckeyes

The buckeyes and and MWCandy has to be dipped today.  And I will make Eggnog candy, Pistachio candy, Date Nut candy and mix, makeand freeze the sausage balls to bake later, and make all the cut out cookies for Rachel to decorate tomorrow and Party Mix – ’cause if I make it ahead Husband will eat it all between now and then!  Then tomorrow I will put my hot wings on to marinate, make pecan tassies, cream wafers, Charlie Browns and be sure I have all my ingredients for my chicken corn chowder.  And tomorrow night I will move all my soups (except the chowder which I find doesnt freeze well and I will make fresh) to the frig to thaw for Wednesday night.

Wednesday I will line up all my ducks, check my lists and get everything set out after my house is clean. All I will have to make that day is biscuits and cornbread for the soups.   Folks will start arriving mid day I am sure.

Gotta run…have a lovely holiday everyone! I  will be posting pictures soon!

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That cracked me up about the dump worker! ha ha
Maybe I will bake tomorrow… I better!! Wish we could come Christmas Eve but I feel bad leaving Mom and Dad, we are gonna have dinner together. We look forward to seeing you all Sunday… bought my bread flour today for the rolls. Going to try the White Lilly bread flour.

I just love the holidays Susan, no matter how much work they are. Busy hands are happy hands!!! Happy Christmas to you and your family! I hope it’s just chock full of blessings and other good things!! XXOO


Wow Susan! I thought I did a lot! You are awesome! I hope you and yours have a very Merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year!
~Kristi in Baton Rouge

This year I’m just thankful that Christmas Eve isn’t at my house…that way I have all Christmas morning to clean up the disaster area, er, mess that I’ve left trying to get everything together before I have to deal with Christmas dinner. Whirlwind is right! Have a wonderful Christmas.


Hi susan,
Just stopping by to wish you a very Merry Christmas!

Christmas Blessings from Texas,
Deanna 🙂

I agree, no matter how much I do ahead I’m always frazzled on Christmas Eve. I hope to figure it out one day and have a really stress-free Christmas. Ha!