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Two Days ~ Three Aprons!

Thought I would show you what I have been up to.Two days…three aprons.  Now I have to sit down this evening and make out our menu and grocery list for the holiday.   I will make more cookie dough this afternoon.   Weather permitting this weekend, I will make candy.  I think we might have scrambled eggs for supper.  I have a lot to do! No time for a big meal.



This turned out so adorable…I love the pattern!  I will be making this one again soon.  Husband was even impressed with it.

Then again he may just be bored out of his head.



Didn’t get a picture of the lining on this one but it is red and white stripe.


Cute fabric huh???


noshowThis one I will show you after the holidays.


"Well…it was just…ummm…weird."

You never want to hear those words come out of your doctor’s mouth.  But that is a quote from Husband’s neurosurgeon.  A surgery that should take 30-45 minutes lasted about 1 and 1/2 hours.  The doctor had told us going it it might take longer than usual because he was going to have to “dig around some”.  And evidently he was right.  He came in after the procedure and told me Husband did very well but there was a lot of scar tissue over the ulnar nerve and around his elbow joint which he removed.  He said when the opened up the elbow and saw the anatomy of it~”well…it was just…ummm…weird.” Great I said.  How weird?  A muscle was in a total wrong place and the inflammation was not in the usual area.  He was right, that is weird.  But he is convinced he has it all repaired.  He told me the nerve was extraordinarily inflamed and irritated and would be extremely sore.  But thankfully he expects a full recovery and in reasonable proximity of the original time line.  Husband rested well, was able to keep his arm propped up all night and still sleep (hydrocodone probably helped).  He is back asleep now and will probably sleep quite a bit while he on the pain meds.

I must get busy.  Lots of holiday preparations to be done between now and next week.  Have a great day everyone!



Homemade Kumquat Liqueur

I always buy kumquats this time of year.


Its a nostalgia thing on my part.  My Momma Tom (my mom’s mom) had a kumquat bush at her house and we would eat them until we couldnt eat another.  They tasted much better then I think.  It could be that we never washed them first.  Everything is a little more flavorful if there is a little danger involved.  I wouldnt dare feed my kids unwashed fruit of any kind…but we picked and ate and and survived.  Anywho, I had a couple of pounds of kumquats and decided to make a liqueur…I LOVE citrusy liqueur like Grand Marnier so this should be yummy as well. I washed them and dried them. And gathered my stuff…


Then I made a simple syrup 1:1 white sugar and water. I let it cool completely.  I scored each of the kumquats vertically Then I put a layer of kumquats, a cup of syrup and cup of vodka.  I ended using all the syrup which was 2 cups sugar and 2 cups water.  And I topped the jar off with vodka.


until I was out of kumquats and the jar was full…don’t they look beautiful?


I think it will take several months for it to mature but I will probably sample it in a couple of weeks! Next…Cranberry Liqueur!!! YUM!

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