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Two Days Till Lift Off

I will be leaving for England day after tomorrow.  I think I am about ready.  I have most of my bags packed.  I talked to one of my oldest friends last night and she says “So, you’re checking things of your list?” List?  I don’t need a list, do I?  I realized this was the first time in my life I don’t have a list!  I kind of felt a little panic wash over me.  What if I forget something?  Like what?  What could I possibly forget that I couldn’t get there?  Oh well too late now I suppose.

I am getting really excited.  When I talked to Husband last night he was really excited about me coming over and very VERY sure that I am going to love it.  I asked what exactly.  And he said all of it.  Well, maybe not the dollars to pounds exchange but otherwise I will LOVE it.

When I let myself think about the fact that I am going to England for the first time in my life and will arrive by myself and have to navigate London alone I feel a little nervous but I am sure it will be fine.  I will arrive at Gatwick airport/London at 7 am Friday morning.  I then take the train into Victoria Station, the tube to Liverpool Street Station and then the train on to Norwich and then a taxi to Dunston Hall.

(looks a little like a smaller version on Hogwarts huh?)

I should get to the hotel in plenty of time to get a bath and a nap before Husband gets out of his meeting.  I should have tales to tell when I return!!

Husband did indeed get an redo on his MRI.  He has ulnar neuropathy.  He is scheduled for a consult with a neurosurgeon as soon as he returns to the states in November and then apparently he will be scheduled for surgery as soon as possible.

It looks like we will close on my mom’s house while I am in England.  I signed over power of attorney to my oldest younger brother so he could take care of all of that without me holding things up.  I suppose it will all turn out.  Until papers are signed and money changes hands, I like to keep it in my mind that it could all fall through.  It has been a pain the past two weeks but I suppose it is almost over.

I really have so many treasures to share with you all.  Things I found cleaning out Mom’s things.  Books, keepsakes…all manner of things.  I will get around to it when I get back.  I still have a very cool collection of salt and pepper shakers I inherited that I havent shared.

You all have a great week.  I doubt I will be posting much if at all before I leave but I will have plenty to tell upon my return.


WOW what a Wednesday

This was one weird day.  First of all you all know we are TRYING to close on my mom’s house.  I wont even tell you all the things that are going amiss with that…too many to think about.  And today was Husband’s MRI on his arm.  We get there at 1:30 – appt was at 2:00.  We tell the flitty little person at the admit desk who we are, why we are there and that we are pre-registered.  Okay she says, it will be a few.  Few what??? OHHHH HOURS!!! See flitty little person at the admit desk doesnt actually hear what a person is saying to her she just knows whatever it is she is to say “Okay.  It will be a few.”  After about an hour I wanted to go up and “get things straight” and Husband says “calm down”…which went over about like you would expect it to.  And by the end of the day – 6:30 after we find out that — they give his appt to someone else because no one knows he’s there and then they get the look and the talking to I had well prepared, they attempt to do the MRI and the MACHINE BROKE!  So…after spending a day sitting and waiting – like we had nothing better to do, we came back home to supposedly go back Friday.  Supposedly.

Believe me this is the reader’s condensed version.  It was a LONG day.  But after looking back we decided it wasnt so bad.  We spent the day together and had only one little tiff about me “not calming down” and getting a Kroger gift card out of the head honcho at the imaging place, it could have all been worse.  And I had to say after we were in the truck on the way home, I looked at the clock and it was almost 7 pm.  My mom passed away just after 7 pm a year ago tonight so, yeah, this wasnt the worst October 8th I have ever had.  At least this October 8th I spent the day with my Husband instead of watching my mom take her last breath.  Perspective is a beautiful thing.

I have shared this picture before but I wanted to again.  This is me and my mom about 48 years ago.


An Anniversary Today

My mom passed a year ago today. It surely doesn’t seem like a year has gone by. I have had a little cry and I am sure today will bring more. It seems odd to be cleaning out her things, 77 years of a life reduced to cardboard boxes and a storage building. I am sure I will be able to see it differently as time passes but right now it is hard to put it all away.

Also, Husband is having an MRI today on his arm. He is having some nerve issues and hopefully this will shed some light.

I will try to write a real post soon. So many ends to tie up right now…and my creative juices are a bit tepid.

Have a wonderful Wednesday.