2009 is off to a rocky start.

Let’s see, where to start? This first weekend of 2009 has been a real humdinger.  Rachel lost her wallet with a little cash, her checkbook and debit card and driver’s permit. Got all that canceled and so we have to replace all that.  Aggravating but not horrible.

My debit card information was stolen and a $827.71 plane ticket was bought over the weekend.  Now how or where it was stolen I dont know.  There was also another large charge coming thru but my bank’s fraud department was on top of things so hopeful we got all that shut down.  But what a pain in the behind.  Guess I wont be using my debit card – my NEW debit card, if I decide to get one, on the internet EVER again.  Lesson learned.

Today we had to take Rachel to the pediatrician.  She has been having migraines on a fairly regular basis.  Last night she had one that lasted for hours and the only thing that relieved it was me massaging her scalp.  And that relief was temporary.  Our dr put her on Elavil and gave her a med to take when one is beginning.  Elavil is a very old drug used for depression but seems to work on some types of migraines. I am not completely happy about her taking an antidepressant at her age but these headaches have to stop.

So yeah, we are kind of off to a rocky start.

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Hi There 🙂

I’ve never made a comment on your blog before (love the blog!) but since I’ve been thru 2 identity thefts and am a major migraine sufferer I decided perhaps I should say hello!

Our identity theft cases were both very bad, but I’m here to tell you both were resolved! We learned that some banks handle it better than others, but we are just grateful it all worked out. I wanted to let you know that now we never, EVER use our debit cards anymore (unless we’re at the ATM for a quick $20 or whatever). Credit cards can be paid off right away online, so as not to incur charges, and they offer more protection. And if a transaction/purchase goes amiss, the credit card company will more than likely back you up. Just some food for thought so you can feel a bit more secure 🙂

On to migraines! Ugh! They can be caused by so many things, from MSG to PMS and everything in between. Most often it’s a combination of things. No matter what causes them, getting help the second they start is crucial. I’ve heard Elavil can help, but it can take weeks. What is the medication he gave Rachel to take when a migraine begins? There are all kinds of migraine meds now and they all work very differently for different individuals – there’s even a pill that immediately dissolves in your mouth (it is effective for a friend of mine). Imitrex is probably the most widely used migraine medication, and it has a good track record, but it doesn’t help everyone – it didn’t help me. Relpax was finally my saving grace and it still is to this day. I don’t know what I’d do without it. It can be frustrating trying to find the right one, but just know that there ARE a lot of options, and one is bound to help her!

The sooner you can get Rachel medication, and get her in a calm, quiet room with no bright lights, etc, the sooner the medication will work – the migraine may even go away as quickly as it came. And of course massaging where it hurts helps too – there are even pressure points you can press and release to get her blood flowing correctly. The place on the cheek where your upper & lower jaw connects is one (it will hurt during a migraine!), and the very crown of your head is another. There are others too, and it helps the most when someone (like her wonderful mother) can do it for her so she can just be still.

One more thought. My neurologist told me that if I can feel an *awful* migraine coming on, or that the Relpax is not working as it usually does, I can take 2 Exedrin along with something like yogurt or cottage cheese (to help protect the stomach from how harsh the Exedrin can be). Of course you would want to get a second opinion on that because of Rachel’s age and whatever prescription you decide on. But taking the Exedrin along with the Relpax has saved the day many times. Oy….. many, many times!

Well gosh, I didn’t mean to write a novel! I just felt that I’d never said hi before, but now was my time to send you some support from someone who’s been there/done that!

Love your blog – best, best wishes!

Meg 🙂
wild child

Here’s hoping that everything smoothes out from here on in. My mom always said things happened in threes. Looks like you run of bad luck has run it’s course and now it’s time for three +’s!!

I’m a regular reader, but don’t think I’ve ever commented.

I get severe migraines, too. I tried Elavil for a while and had to stop because it made my mouth so dry it cracked and bled in the corners. Now I take Relpax when I have a migraine, and that works great. I hope she gets some relief.

Are you sure your info was stolen from using your card online? How scary!


Love the blog..
So sorry to hear of your dds headaches ! I don’t get them, but know many who suffer with it.. I pray the meds work for her soon.

I have always used my card online.. I’ve not had any trouble over the years.. it could be a nasty employee at a store too..
I think I will go back to writing cks where I can ..
and maybe get a credit card to use on line ..
thanks for the wake up call !:_)



I hope the rest of the year goes more smoothly for you!

Hi, I enjoy your blog regularly! I had my debit info stolen a couple years ago and that was a pain. The bank told me that the new thing in debit theft is when you pay for something with your card, the clerk will swipe your card normally, but then may reach down below the counter or on his or her person and swipe it through another machine that takes the info. Then they can make a new card with a magnetic strip that works with your info, but with a different name on the card. I heard that is more likely to have occurred than online theft, unless you remember if you went to a questionable website. So the lesson learned, is don’t let your card out of sight. Its so hard though… I don’t want to be paranoid!