Boy, do I have a story for you!

This story is not for the “easily queasy”.  So if you don’t want the details…stop back by tomorrow. Otherwise, proceed.

Here is the WHOLE story – so far.  Now that I think I might live I will give you the elaborate details of my morning fiasco.  Okay, 4:30 I am awaken  by sounds I didnt instantly recognize – something like  heaving and splashing, simultaneously. I know now it was just that.  I step out of my room into the dark, VERY dark hallway into a puddle of puke.  My feet flew out from under me and the first thing that hit was my head.  I am bruised from the head down to a probable broken toe on my left foot.  My elbow might be fractured…it hurts like hell.  I am old you know.  Benjamin was standing in the bathroom, puking everywhere BUT the toilet. And just FYI, a nearly 13 year old boy’s stomach will hold an extraordinary amount.  Took me an hour to get me, him and the hall/bathroom cleaned up.  I am still washing towels.  I have to bleach everything you know.  I hurt ALL over. When everything is completely finished turning shades of deep purple and black, I will snap some pictures.  The toe looks AMAZING so far. I won’t shave my head to show you the goose egg for fear I would nick an artery and bleed to death or at least nearly to death, which might be worse. Can you tell I am trying to have a sense of humor about it?

He’s asleep.  I don’t know how he will feel when he wakes up. I am afraid to lay down with my concussion and a real fear that I might to be too stiff to walk if I get parallel for any length of time.

So thats how this day has started off.  No place to go but up. Though I hesitate to say that given how the first week of 2009 went.  All this builds character right?

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Oh Susan!!! We had a barfing 12 year old boy here this past weekend too..I did alot of mopping up puke (you are so right about how MUCH it can be for a boy that age!) …but you gave your all…jeesh!! I hope you feel better really soon. Like you said..what a way to start the day!!!

oh girlfriend! ouchie ouch! you get to feeling better!

Barfing adults are worse. They think the sink is a good option. It is not. Undoing vomit filled drain pipes to get things working is not a pleasant thing. Hope mr Ibuprofen helps you feel better. If not a good Merlot will.

I hope your feeling better

Nothing like a good puke to start the new year. All good parents have to have a good barf story or two, and yours is a doozy! Well done!


Ho! I so hope you and Benjamin are feeling better today. I love that you share, ups and downs as we all have them but you have such a great way of writing and you can make us all feel well with the worst of events. You can say that you have had your low start for the YEAR! The rest is bound to be on the up and up. Stay in today and keep warm as it is so cold:)


Oh my! That is the funniest of gross out stories I’ve heard in a while. And I can only laugh because “been there, done that” myself.

Hope you are feeling better soon. Your toe is a-mazingly purplish!

Queen of the Fashionably Outdated

ouch, eewwww, yuk! Someday when he gets older this story will be retold many times and he won’t appreciate it a bit! Hope you are on the mend quick! love b

I remember those days. It seemed that during the winter months there was always someone that was sick in our home. I do hope he’s feeling better now!

You poor dear! Is it one of those situations where you didn’t know wheather to laugh or cry? 🙂

The only consolation I have is that atleast you weren’t awakened by someone barfing in your face! Or, more accurately, ON your face! My goodness. I’ll never forget that one so long as I live.

Just read a piece in a magazine today about “why kids get sick at night” – other than Newton’s Laws!
The clean up! The worry! The broken toe and elbow!
Hang in there, I feel you’re pain!


Nothing like a good PUKE story….. I am so sorry to be laughing..
but also been there done that – except when she puked on me – I puked on her. I know a REAL GOOD ortho in shreveport. My uncle. Hope your feeling better.

I just thought of a barf story. My second son Casey..who is 28 now… was about 8 and came into the living room where I was reading. I had just taken off my brand new shoes…adorable leather flats..I LOVED them..and had my bare feet tucked up on the couch. He came over very close and said..”Mom, I don’t feel very good”. Before I could even ask what part of him didn’t feel good he leaned over and filled both of my lovely new shoes with barf. They were never the same. Ever.

My god honey, I had to read this over again. I’ll bet you saw stars!

I hope that toe is much better today 1/15.