Etsy News

It seems when there are lots of sickness lingering just around the corner waiting to hitch a ride back to my house.  We have battled a stomach bug as well as sinus trouble for the past couple of days.  The sinus thing may drag itself out simply because this is a typical Louisiana January.  Seventy-five degrees one day and 25 the next.  Dry and clear and cold then rainy and warm again. This kind of weather reaks havoc on our noses.

Now a little more pleasant news:  I have one lone apron listed in my etsy shoppe.  Now don’t you all run over each other getting there!  But do go and take a look.  Well, and buy it if you like! I will be posting more very soon.  Along with some other goodies.

Have a great day and hey, try to stay well!

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I hope you all feel better soon!! I Love the apron. It’s just beautiful!

I know what you mean Susan,
Here in San Antonio, it was 30 degrees on Tuesday and then it was hot yesterday. If all of this mountain cedar would just go away then I wouldn’t have so much allergy and wheezing!

Get better soon!

Deanna 🙂


Your apron is CUTE!!! Love it!


I love that apron. You did such a great job. I hope today finds you feeling a little better.