Is it really Saturday?

I am some kinda messed up on my days.  The holidays do that to me big time.  What day is it?  What month is it?  What year is it?

As promised, here is a picture of the apron I made for my oldest daughter for Christmas.  I couldnt post it before I gave it to her.


It is made from this pattern.  So CUTE!  And SO EASY!  And now I will share one gift I got from oldest daughter.  It is the one thing I have gotten a picture of! Its been a busy couple of weeks.  I started making pictures of gifts and got distracted VERY quickly! But here is the first of many…

sewingboxThis beautiful sewing box!  Just the most adorable sewing box ever! I will snap some pictures of the inside this evening if I get a chance…if not then, soon!

Well, that is it for this morning.  If you could see my kitchen!  It is a disaster.  I have got to get my house clean and straightened or I might just have a breakdown.

And I know my son in law doesnt read my blog (at least I seriously doubt he does) but my daughter does so I want to wish him a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY today.  We will be getting together in the next few days for a meal in honor of his birthday.

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The holidays mess my thinking up as well Susan. I won’t really know what day it is until I go back to work on Monday! Beautiful apron and sewing box. I can’t wait to see inside the box!

love the fabric and colors!


I just love the apron. It’s so vintage! I am drooling over that sewing box. What a dream it is. Just precious.

Deanna 🙂

How funny, I have the same fabric that I used for a table cloth. Love it on an apron!