Jack Frost

nipped at our toes this morning.



Not bad pics for a point and shoot.  Y’all stay warm.  I will have a kitchen update to show you all soon.  If I don’t croak from the fumes!

Kitchen Before:

kitchenbeforecolor of my cabinets – barn red with natural doors and trim

Stay tuned…

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The cupcakes look yummy!

That top picture is awesome, and the cupcakes do look yummy.

That top photo is absolutely gorgeous!


Why was I not at your house for those cupcakes?

I’m obsessed with cupcakes and scared to death of clowns (& mimes) too. That’s too funny.

I’m glad I finally get to see a picture of you. You are adorable with or without pigtails.

. . . waiting for your kitchen reveal 😉



Oh Michelle, THAT is a good question! Where were you? Oh yeah…at your house having Thanksgiving dinner! Yep, these were Thanksgiving cupcakes. See the little Pots de Creme? Pumpkin Chai! YUMMM. The recipe was posted on November 20, 2007 – just do a search or email me and I will send you the recipe.


I love my red kitchen. Can’t wait to see what you are doing to yours!