Kitchen Redo

I mentioned earlier in the week I think that we were doing a little redo in our kitchen.  We meaning me watching and Husband doing.  I decided I wanted to lighten up our kitchen and I LOVE white in a kitchen.  All my appliances are white.  So anywho…are are the results so far.  I will wait at least a week to put my cookbooks back on the shelves.




I like.

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pretty… love it with the blue and natural wood.


Bee-utiful!! Is that a little bee hive shaped jar I see. I have one just like it. 😉


I love it Susan! Your husband is so talented. You have a beautiful kitchen!

Hey, very nice! I am currently updating my kitchen with red, white, and black, and am considering painting my cupboards as well. Thanks for the inspired ideas!

love it ! I have been saying I wanted to do just that !
So inspiring !

I love it. I’ve always loved that blue!!!! I also love Jerry with all his honey do power! I take it he is feeling well these days. Great news! I wish I could get HL to hurry and finish that darn garage and get back to work inside. I feel like we live in a box, a box that needs some character!

How are those tiles for a countertop?