More Bird Photos


Male Cardinal (01-25-09)


Male Purple Finch (01-25-09)

I love that the little purple finch has that wind-blown look on the top of his little head!

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Love, love, love these photos! Thanks so much for sharing.

These are beautiful pictures. I have always thought the color on winter birds have made the cold worthwhile. ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic

Oh the darling things! I love it.

Deanna 🙂

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unDeniably Domestic

Susan, I so miss Cardinals over here! We have other kinds of lovely little birds but nothing so vibrant as a cardinal. I love them so! thanks so much for sharing them with us today and yesterday. That purple finch is really pretty as well!

A couple more awesome shots. Very nice.


these are beautiful pictures! I too am a birdwatcher and we always try to keep our feeders available to all the winter birds. In the Spring we have a family of bluebirds that come. They are just so sweet to see.
Have a great day!

Beautiful birds! Just wonderful pictures. Hugs, Bobbi Jo


Pretty! I want to move my feeders to the back yard when Shannon gets home. In the front they poop on my cars… eww!
I really love the bird in your prior post!

Oh, that Purple Finch and his hair! Little birds are so much fun!