OWWW! That's going to leave a mark.


My ouchie.  Correction: My ouchiest ouchie.  My elbow is very painful.  Well, honestly I am sore pretty much all over.  My toes are normally kinda pudgy and crooked but not quite like the lovely plum colored one.  I think Ben has apologized about 100 times.  Certainly not his fault ~ just a player in this morning’s comedy of errors. And yeah, I know I need a pedicure.

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Seeing that toe reminded me of my own broken BIG toe several years, but more recently, my husband – who walked into a door jam that jumped out at him last week! His little toe was perpendicular to his foot! Not only broken, but dislocated as well. Best of luck – ice it honey, ice all of you! And tape the toe to its’ neighbor! Then pour yourself a stiff one!

Ow honey…that sure looks bad. I wish I had some fairy dust to make it go away for ya!

Deanna 🙂

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Ouch!! That toe sure looks like it hurts!

As for your blog, Iit’s awesome. I’ve been following it for quite awhile now.

Oh, that does look sore!! Ice, ice, ice, oh and some TLC from your loves ones won’t hurt either!


It might be a little late, but you need to get some arnica ointment or gel and coat that toe. It works wonders at taking out pain and the bruising. In November I fell and tore all the ligaments in my right foot and if it hadn’t been for the arnica, I would have been out of commission for a lot longer than the week I was. Also, comfrey leaves made into a tea and used as a compress will help with the pain. I really hope you get better soon. Foot pain is the worst 🙂

Oh, I am so so sorry. There’s nothing worse that cleaning up puke in the middle ofthe night, except of course doing it with a head injury!
Keep your foot up! Really.