Picture of the Day


This little cardinal was bracing herself against the cold wind yesterday morning.  Husband set up the tripod in the laundry room and we took turns taking pictures out the windows.  We had set out bird feeders a few days ago and the little birds are beginning to find them.

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Beautiful shot…I wish I could get a close up shot like that with my camera.

Hi Susan!
What a wonderful snap of the precious cardinal. I just love cardinal’s and they are in abundance here in San Antonio. I hope you can get some more snaps of them.

Deanna 🙂


Whoa! Great shot! And the others too.

I have a bird feeder right outside my window here by my computer and sewing machine. I get to see cardinals, chickadees and others very up close and personal. I think birds are fun to watch especially when I have a sewing deadline 😉

You and our Hubby took these through the window? Wow! you have amazingly clean windows!

HAHAHAHAHHA – OPEN window…should have said OPEN window!

What beautiful pictures.
I really enjoy this one, she sure has her feathers ruffled. 🙂