SHARE the LOVE (Valentine Giveaway!)

This giveaway has been on my mind since before the last and very recent one. Valentine’s Day holds a special place in my heart. I will get to the business-end of this post later.  For now you have to endure some sap.

Valentine’s Day 1975 was the date of Husband’s and my first date. Thirty four years ago…is that right? Is that possible? I can tell you exactly what I wore on that date to our school’s Valentine’s Day Dance. I wore a pair of dark washed very high waisted jeans and a color block shirt that was mustard, navy and cream. The shirt had a superfluous hood but I thought it was very cute.  That was our first date (I was 15) and we have never looked back. It was quite the whirlwind romance.  Well, unless you consider the fact that we weren’t old enough to get married. for another 3 years.

I suppose as we approached “middle age” and passed 30 years of marriage we have both wondered what it was.  The connection.  It is not that common for our species to mate for life these days. I think much of it is that when we were together we could just “be”.  I don’t have unreal expectations of him. And he doesnt of me. We hung out at school, had classes together, played chess after school. Oh and were pretty much inseparable during waking hours after that first date.  We didnt fight and bicker.  I didnt flip my hair and stomp off in a tiff accusing him of  “being a guy” or “not treating me right”.  We instantly liked each other the first time we met.  He was smart and unusually mature for his age.  He wrote me poems and drew me pictures and held my hand.  We were both good at math – him better.  We were both good at chess – him better.  He could cook and made us pizzas after school. He didn’t kiss and tell.  He was sincere, honest, worked and unlike so many men (and women) was not constantly looking for “a better deal”.  We complimented each other’s personalities.  We loved each other.  And that was that. And it still is.

And then 21 years later our sixth and youngest, Benjamin, was born.  A surprise indeed as he wasnt due until March 4.  But weighing in at 8# 2oz, he and I were ready!   Awwww…warms the the cockles of my heart to think on these things. So yes, Valentine‘s Day is special to me.

Okay, okay.  Enough  I know.  As I said, I have pondered on what should be the gist of this giveaway.  Something I love…something I believe the winner will love….what do I love???? I love coffee.  I love chocolate.  I love books and magazines. I love aprons. Okay…that’s it!  A bag of my personal favorite Farmhouse Blend (yeah, I blend it myself) Coffee,  a box of homemade fudge ~ I make a mean batch of fudge~ and it will mail well,  a copy of the Valentine’s edition of Porch.  You don’t know Porch??? Well why not? Oh…and yeah, another apron. Ho hum.  Just kidding.  Yes!  Another OOAK NotQuiteJuneCleaver Apron. Something red and dotty maybe?


Now get over there and check them out! Just click on the picture.

Okay here’s the deal.  You know the routine.  Leave a comment and consider yourself entered.  I will add your name to the, now approaching legendary status,  Mason Jar.  I will draw a name on Feb 9th and on the 10th the package will go out Priority Mail to the winner. I suppose it goes without saying that the winner must have a US address.  Customs gets CRAZY over perishables and coffee!

Okay now SHARE the LOVE! And post it to your blog – don’t be selfish now, you know your friends would like to play too.  You don’t want to be that kid at school who didn’t give EVERYONE a Valentine.  You know the brat I am talking about.  You remember.  Elementary School, you spent the day before Valentine’s Day making paper bags decorated with hearts and your name, and then that night you carefully signed the back of those cute little Valentine cards and with chubby little fingers you managed to get them in those envelopes that were always just slightly smaller than the card itself.  Then you wrote on the outside of  the envelopes the name of a classmate, being very VERY careful to check off the list the teacher gave you so as not to miss someone.  Your heart raced a bit as you wrote the boys names, wondering if they would think you liked them or LIKED liked them.  Then there was The Brat. Usually a girl for some reason, who would deliberately leave someone out.  Everyone got 29 Valentines except a few, sometimes only one which was even worse, because she didnt think they were worthy.  I always hated that kid.  My stomach churns right now thinking of it.  THE girl in my first grade class was Delores.  I would know her today if I saw her.  Prissy and snarly with an evil laugh even as a 1st grader.  So don’t be that kid!  Share the LOVE!  Here’s you a button to use. Leave me a comment, grab the button, post it and link back to me. Sweet and simple.


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What a great giveaway. Your blog is very enjoyable!

I would love to join in the comments for the give away. A side note, my last child turned 15 in Jan. She was a month early and weighed 8lbs 3oz. I thank her alot.


Please put my name in the drawing. Your blog is a delight, and I have it on in my “Must Check Daily” favorites list, which I limit to 10 blogs. Yours is a joy!

Sharon D.

Please enter me in your generous giveaway. It sounds perfect. The apron is beautiful.

What a fantastic giveaway! I came to your blog through Kelly at (un)deniably domestic. What a wonderful prize she recently won! I am so glad I stopped by to visit…I will definitely stay posted.

Please add me to your “mason jar”! Thanks!

Stay Cozy, Carrie

Please enter me.. I love fudge.. I love aprons.. I LOVE coffe and I love my husband. Thank you for sharing your story and hosting this awesome giveaway!


That was really a touching story about Valentines day for you and your sweetie.

Oh a girl after my own heart!! I’m new to your blog and this is the first post I have read. My husband and I went on our first date 13 years ago today when we were 15! We only have two kids but I share your love for coffee, FUDGE, aprons, books and magazines (I worked/read everything in our family owned bookstore for years until we had to close it!) I can’t wait to jump into your blog and read more!

lovely, please count me in. Renee

you have a great blog.

Susan – I swear we are soul sisters – the romance, the chocolate, all of it! Anyway, I feel a little bit guilty about entering, after all, I did just win the prettiest of aprons from you, BUT! But, polkadots, red, ME print. I just can’t resist! I need it! ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic

Please toss my name into the mason jar! 🙂


I love all that is romantic and sweet! What a great way to share the love!


Please enter me in this generous and fun drawing. I love the story about you and your honey at that dance so long ago. I’m a sucker for a good love story!

Melanie Clark

Yes please… enter my name into the mason jar.
I do love mason jars.

I loved this post. Well, yes to be honest I love the giveaway you are having but I was talking about the stories you shared with us.

What a sweet love story you have between you and your husband.

I was cracking up over the Valentine’s at school story. I totally had a flash back to sitting at the table writting mine out when I was little. Going over each one in the box and picking out just the right one to give to each person. Oh times were so hard then. LOL

OK, back to your giveaway, please please enter my name. I would be honored to have your apron, thrilled to enjoy that fudge, excited to try that coffee blend and over joyed to read that magazine. I’m one who had never heard of it before. Where have I been.

I’m going to post your giveaway on my blog right now for you.



Kendra Laidlaw

Please put my name in the mason jar. I would love to win!


I loved reading your story. I’d love to participate.

Thanks for a generous giveaway.

Barb Vigeant

My old apron is worn out!!! I am spilling coffee and chocolate on it. Need a new one…
Would love to win.

You love all the same things I do, and your stuff ROCKS!! I posted a link to your page on my blog…..hope I win!!!

Can I enter?! I’d love to win. Thanks for the fun times!


Thank you !
This is all new to me and what an incredible blessing to read your True Love Valentine story.
It is so remarkable and encouraging in todays world to come across someone as real and a love as genuine as yours.I am in awe and yet I have known lots of others who have been married for a lifetime . I have a cousin who is 84 and told me that it is for keeps if you have any doubts as to your ability to keep your part of the marriage contract don’t jump in but also realize that it a beautiful lifelong journey and you will both grow at a different pace but if you share the experiences with one another you will make it just fine. Your Love story just comfirmed this to me all over again .I adore your apron . I am an Apron nut myself .
Once when Our grown son had his first home and cooked family Thanksgiving meal at his place he called and invited me to just relax but please bring your apron to wear so it will feel like Thanksgiving.Then I realized the Apron’s weren’t just for me.
Thnak you for allowing me to share all this.
A not quite June Cleaver


Thanks for the Giveaway, I am so hoping I win WOOT!

Love your site! I came across it through my school friend at WhitakerWorld. I would love to be entered into your Valentines contest. Thanks!

oh …. I LOVE Harry Connick Jr! So neat that you got to talk to him.


Totally awesome giveaway! I will add your link to my fun stuff tab, so anyone can find you. So much fun! I love your site too.
Thanks for offering such wonderful goodies.


You’re blog looks like something I’d like to read regularly. Thank you for putting it together.


What a great story, and sounds like a really great marriage. I am so glad I keep hearing about more and more folks who are as lucky as I feel I am in finding some one great to love.

Happy Valentines.


wonderful blog! I’ll be reading this often.

Your story is so VERY much like mine and my husband’s.

Our first date wasn’t on Valentine’s Day, but my outfit was pretty similar to yours LOL!

I would love to be a part of your giveaway and I’m very much enjoying your blog.

I’m going to go and check again for directions, but I didn’t immediately understand how to do your button on my blog.

I’ll see if I can figure it out!


It’s no wonder that Valentine’s Day is so special to you! What a wonderful giveaway, please enter me!

First time for me to visit, and I’m now wondering what took me so long… Your blog is terrific and I look forward to visiting many more times… I really enjoyed the Love~Story of you ‘n your husband… so Romantic! I’d be grateful for a chance to win your Share-the-Love give~away, please… And, come by for a visit whenever you get a chance… my door’s always open…

T Selig

Please include me……..
God bless you all

I would love to be entered into your giveaway! Thanks for having this.


Thanks for the fun giveaway! I found your site listed over at Cottage in the Making. Have a nice evening!


Oooh I lurve the sneek peak of the fabric! Please enter me in the drawing! Fun, fun, fun!

Lisa B

Please enter me in your giveaway. I always enjoy reading your blog.

Chantie Belnap

Hi! What a great blog and awesome give-away! Please enter me–thanks! Chantie

Chantie Belnap

What a gorgeous apron! Who wouldn’t want to win it?? Thanks for the entry, and have a great valentine’s!! Chantie

I’d love to be entered into your giveaway. What a sweet apron!!

Better odds than the lottery, not sure I would ever wear an apron (besides, it’s probaby too pretty to wear) but I would share the love with someone who would, probably my mom, but coffee and chocolate oh yeah! Someone I know just made mason jar drinking cups from ceramic – how cool is that ! Please toss my name in. thx.

Oh what a fabulous giveaway!! I want to get in on it – thanks! 🙂

just found your blog today.
nothing like a last minute entry, right?
I appreciate being included……


Love your blog and am excited about your giveaway! Thanks for your generosity!


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