Sneak Peek at the Toile Apron for Kelly (shhhhh, don't tell her)

I have the apron ready to mail.  And planned to mail it Monday BUT I just got an email from the author of French General Home Sewn and she is sending me a autographed book plate for the book soooo..I think that is worth the wait, which should only be a day or two longer or maybe I will just mail it separate.  Who knows it may come in Monday’s mail and then there will be NO wait.  toileaprongiveaway

Also thought you might like to see one of my many latest acquisitions from etsy.  Just so you know, etsy is addictive.


Isn’t that the most cleaver watch band ever?  Especially for someone who loves to sew! Check it out here.

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SA-WEET! I love the watch band!

Deanna 🙂

Love the watch band.

Kelly is soooo lucky! I love the fabrics you are using in that apron!!

Oh, oh, oh. I can hardly wait! Yes, Marie, I am lucky to have such a special new blogging friend! ~Kelly

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