Some serious cuteness.

This photo was taken 8 years ago so Rachel was 8 and Benjamin was 4.  Yeah, she is four years older than him but he was as big.  And is bigger now!  They always ended up in our bed, especially if their dad was away.  And frankly, it was like sleeping with two wild animals.  Tossing and turning and kicking.  Dangerous.  But then you get photos like this out of it.  Notice how rolled and tumbled my bed looked!

cutenessI hate that the picture is damaged 🙁  I was looking thru a box of magazines and there it was.  How it managed to get there I iwll never know.  I know my oldest son has a copy of it.  It is his very favorite picture of his youngest siblings.  So I will have to get his copy and make myself a new one.  Just thought I would share.  Little angels.

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love adorable

Hi there,
look at those angels! You can see a little “koko” spanish for “boo boo” on Benjamin’s arm. I’m sure he was running around and didn’t even feel Your daughter looks as if she must have run a marathon! They are totally wiped out!
How lovely though it is….that they are holding to one another. Sweet. So sweet.

Deanna 🙂


How sweet. ahhhh

so cute :0 I enjoyed my visit to your blog..saw it on hectic households blog 🙂 ((farmgal hugs )) tribal cime


you know, I always find the cutest photos of my kids in weird places too. I wonder why that is! Anyhoo, that photo is definitely worth preserving…
I love the simplicity of it…the little jumble of limbs, the little scraped elbow (it IS an elbow, right?)
So lovely 🙂

how precious! and funny!