What are friends for?

If not for inspiration?  My friend Tami over at Fork Chronicles wrote something I very much needed to read.  See I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions.  For many reasons, not the least being, I wouldn’t keep them out of sheer self spite!  I don’t like to be given restrictions.  Not even when they are self proclaimed!  But Tami hit the nail on the head.  Do yourself a favor and mosey over to Fork Chronicles and read for yourself.

Thank Tami, I needed that.

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I did hop over there and I love it! She is so right. I was using the word Revolution but I so like Resolution much better

Deanna 🙂


I went on over there too, it was a very nice and inspiring way to think of it! Thanks for sharing!

Thanksfor sharing such a fabulous post. As I am in the process of recovering from a major surgery, I have chosen to focus on the word Heal.

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Thanks, Suzi I didn’t realize you posted this until today! You are exactly “what friends are for!”–Your company and food were wonderful today.. thanks for listening, for the inspiration and the lettuce!