Winter is on the way.

berriesApparently, there is a bit of a Northern supposed to blow in later today.  The temperatures steadily dropping into the low 30’s by tonight.  I know, I know, not cold for many of you.  But for us it’s pretty cold.  And to be even colder by next week, dipping into the 20’s.  BRRRRR! Not much else happening on this homefront.  I have my sewing area clean and ready to go.  When I can decide what to serge first!

sewingareaFrankly, probably something for a giveaway since I havent done one in a while.  Or something for my etsy shoppe which I would love to get up and running.

Still waiting on Husband to type up the Potato-Leek soup…maybe later today.

You all stay warm and I will catch you later.

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I can deal with 20s. They’re not too bad if there’s not much wind.

Right now, however, it is all of NINE degrees outside.

We haven’t gone below zero yet, but we usually get 1-2 weeks of below zero temps.




What a nice neat sewing area. Inspires me to clean mine up!

We haven’t had too much winter here, at least no snow. It has been chilly.
We usually don’t get ours until end of January through March.

Plenty cold enough to get the fireplace and woodstove in use though.

take care!


I am not looking forward to this cold, rather, my knees are not looking forward to it!
I was a good girl and posted a blog today… have a good day and feel better!