A "Little One" from Larkspur Funny Farm

I got the sweetest email last week from Grace over at Larkspur Funny Farm I had won a naming contest for her newest 4 legged babies!  I submitted the name Seamus in honor of my late and great 4 legged baby Seamus.  My Seamus passed this Summer.  Here he is on a better day:


I was so happy to hear Grace had chose my suggestion.  I will be posting a picture of her Seamus as soon as I have one.  She tells me he is quite headstrong yet timid about affection.  I warned her that may not pass if my Seamus was any indication!  Anywho, I opened my mailbox yesterday and out wafted the loveliest aroma!  Here is the “Little One” I received from Grace.

littleoneAdorable!!! And oh the scent! Grace tells me the yarn is handspun from her Angora Ned, the felt comes from her sheep Peppermint and herbal contents are from her garden. The body of this little treasure is a repurposed wool jacket she swapped for at a school auction.  HOW cool is that???  Thank you Grace!  And please, all you happy readers visit her blog AND her etsy!

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Yes, love the name and I loved that cat! He did have an attitude at times, ha ha. I remember times he loved to be loved on, then the time I went to pet him and he gave me the ” get the heck away from me, you crazy lady!” nibble!! ha ha
Don’t we need more black kitties Susan?