Apron Love Stories

I just wanted to pop in and tell you all how much I am enjoying reading about your favorite aprons.  Such heartwarming memories!

Thanks for sharing and again…good luck!

Here’s one of my favorites ever…


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Hi Susan…just wanted to thank you again for your fabulous Valentine Giveaway. The fudge is delicious and I love everything! I used the apron this weekend. It is so cute! I left a link to your blog on my blog post today. Thanks again!
Stay Cozy, Carrie


That apron is just wonderful. I love red and the red checks are awesome! Makes me want to make one. I might just have to.



That’s it! That is my favorite apron that I referred to in my previous reply in the apron giveaway post. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that apron. And oh yes, I do know you offer custom made aprons and when I can fit it into the budget I will have you make me one of my very own. In the meantime I will enjoy looking at all your beautifully created aprons and keep my fingers crossed that my name will be pulled from the mason jar for one. 😉


That is a classy apron! Looks like Fall and apples – to me! 🙂


That is an absolutely beautiful apron, and I bet it would actually keep my clothes clean! (Except for my sleeve cuffs… Yes, I have issues with cleanliness when I cook. :))

My current favorite apron is one given to me by my girls two years ago at Christmas. It’s a bib style, which is great for me and my messes, and is covered with pictures of cappuccinos…or is it cappuccini?? (My girls know me too well.)

But when I was a little girl, my favorite aprons were two forties-style half aprons with napkin-style pockets, handmade by my mother’s grandma. They were slightly faded in vintage print, and were very “fancy” to wear in the kitchen…and my mom let my sister and me wear them whenever we were helping cook. I haven’t seen them in years, but I sure wish I had ’em!

Love, love, love the apron!! Do you have the pattern?

So many people have asked about it I am working on a pattern right now. I always made it sans pattern. But I am making one and will be posting about it soon.

I would love to see the back view. This is a beautiful apron!

Me too, I want to see a back view. I really like this apron.

I love that apron. I am so glad you are working up a pattern. I am going to be watching for it! Fabulous!