(apron*ology) Giveaway!

As many of you know, if you are enjoying your AOCD (Apron Obsession Compulsion Delight) as much as I am, Stampington just released (apron*ology). One hundred and forty-four pages (plus covers) devoted to aprons – of every description!  Well lo! and behold! I ended up with two copies of this treasure! So, what can I do but offer one up – well with a OOAK NotQuiteJuneCleaver apron of course.  Duh.

What I LOVE about Stampington magazines is they are really not magazines.  They are workshops that come to you! In fact they even have a magazine called Somerset Workshop.  I won’t tell you how many of their magazines I have because, well, that’s a little personal isn’t it??? Nosey!

Anywho, here’s a pic of the lovely cover of (apron*ology) —


OHHHH and did I mention that our very own beloved EllenAnne Geisel! Author of The Apron Book and The Kitchen Linens Book…oh and of course the pocket book Apronisms is featured!! A lovely spread!  You can go here and take a peek if you cannot wait for the magazine.

Here the skinny: To be entered in this giveaway, leave me a comment.  Tell me about your very favorite apron.  Even it it isn’t yours.  Even if it is an apron you saw someone else wearing.  Share your apron story. And if you would mention this giveaway on your blog that would be extra sweet of you.  The button is below.

If your name is drawn from my very special mason jar, you will receive one copy of (apron*ology) magazine and a OOAK NotQuiteJuneCleaver Apron.

The deadline for entering this giveaway is the morning of  February 23rd.  I will draw the winner at noon CST  February 23 and as soon as I get that lucky person’s address info, I will send the package right out to you!

And I suppose you might be interested in the apron that will be given away too…well…here’s a little hint:


That’s all I have to say about it for now!  Good luck to everyone.  Tell your friends, and if you want to link to this post here is a cute little button for you to swipe and post!


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I inheritated some beautiful aprons and kitchen table clothes from my Aunt and Grandma. My Aunt is 89 so that kind of tells the age for them. They are all beautiful. I have them folded in my kitchen cabinet with glass doors so I can see them always. I love to see the colors peeking out at me and it always makes me smile. My favorite apron is a half apron that is made out of a beautiful lace! (the whole thing) It must of been very special and used only on holidays like Christmas and Easter. Thanks for your blog, I really enjoy it!

Carolyn G

My favorite apron once belonged to my grandmother. It is very plain and worn and I never wear it anymore but it’s one of the few things I have that belonged to her. I always remember her wearing it when she cooked dinner for the family. When she passed, I didn’t want anything of hers but that apron and her pots and pans. I still have both.

Recently, my friend Tammi sent me a Day of Dead apron that is pink with white skulls. Now I collect Day of the Dead stuff so it was perfect. It’s very simple but so beautiful.

Terry P

Please enter me in your giveaway. I remember my mom wearing a white apron with red flowers on it. I have been looking in different stores for an apron I would like to have. I haven’t found anything yet.


Hi Susan,
Could you add my name to that little ol’ mason jar of yours? I would love the chance to win the magazine and one of your beautiful creations.
My favorite apron is the one I always saw my aunt wearing whenever I would go and visit her. She always wore an apron but she had one that had great big pockets. It was a full apron and she always wore it or one like when she made her scrumptious oatmeal scotchies. Those were the best cookies I ever had!

Sally Campbell

My sweet mother -in-law died last week and the family gathered to start cleaning out her house. I wandered all over looking for what I wanted. It was a red and pink flowered apron circa 1958 or so. It has a bib and nice pockets and a wonderful sash. I can now step up to the stove and make family gatherings special, even without the special spirit.


My favorite apron was a surprise I received and it wasn’t even for me – it was for my dear daughter who is 7 years old. It is whimsical and colorful and my daughter just loves it! The thoughtfulness of that gift makes it even more beautiful.

nicole0110 at roadrunner dot com

debbie woodruff

I was just reading some of your stories about your aprons and I just wanted to say thanks for sharing them….Debbie

My favourite apron is one that was given to me by a good friend a couple of years ago. It’s a plain blue gingham, skirt style apron that was made for her by her mother in law many years ago. I had admired it when I saw her wearing it and she thought so much of me as a friend, that she chose to gift me with it. That meant the world to me. No, it’s not the prettiest apron around and is rather plain, but it is beautiful to me because of the sentiment behind it. That’s the way it is with heartfelt gifts. They are priceless.

My very favorite apron is the first one I ever made, in a home ec, many years ago. It was blue gingham, with three blue ric rac pieces running up one side like flower stems. I put a red bow at the top of each, made from seam binding, and a button for the centers. How I wish I had that apron today! ♥


My favorite apron is the one my husband’s Aunt Jo took off one Christmas Eve and gave to me. She was wearing a vintage apron that had Santa’s all over it. I complimented her and told her how much I loved her apron. We went on and had dinner, sang carols and opened gifts. She always gave everyone who was at her home on Christmas Eve a brown lunch sack filled with small gifts that she picked out special for each and everyone. Anyway, I opened my sack and found the very apron that she had been wearing while preparing dinner. I cherish that apron more than any other apron that I own. We lost Aunt Jo to cancer several years ago………but Rich and I have never lost the memories of those special Christmas Eves.

Yesterday while shopping at Ross’s I found a new “Vintage Apron” that I liked very much. It has brown and white checks and tiny little daisies on it. I had to have it. It is my only apron so I guess it would be my favorite.



my favorite was one i made myself in home ec many moons ago it was a lavender gingham with matching ric rac thanks for the giveaway

I really enjoy your blog! I’ve been anxiously awaiting this apron*ology mag, and a giveaway with an apron–wowie!!!

My favorite apron today is the multi-colored polka dot vintage child’s apron my daughter and I discovered at a tag sale. Today, my young daughter wore that apron while cheerfully doing her dishes, and cleaning the living room! Tomorrow’s favorite apron will most likely be a different one…oh, I love them all!

I’ve added your link and button to my blog…thank you for such a lovely giveaway offering!

…homespun by humble hands

My favorite apron “this week” is my cupcake provocateur apron. It’s easy to work in and soooooo darn cute!

I would love to win the magazine because nobody in my area carries…I’ve checked everywhere.

I love your aprons. The prettiest apron I saw was at a garage sale and it was the softest india cotton and was stitched in yellow and green thread. The only problem was that there was a little rip and with the material being so delicate, I thought it would rip so I didn’t buy it, but I regret it to this day. It was just a bunch of crossstitch xxxx but it was darling.


Belive it or not I made my apron 1 st last year…well a pretty one..I love my apron and I feel so chic in it 😉

I don’t really have a favorite apron mainly because I only wear one mostly at the holidays or doing something with my 2 young grandsons who love to cook or bake but ,I do still have the 1st. apron I made back in elementary school think 5th. or 6th. grade and I’m now 61 yrs. young (of course). I’m a saver so if I win yours you can bet it will be around along time.


Hi, Susan! I have to say that my favorite apron is a blue and white “smock” type that is so worn, so soft that I can hardly tell I have it on. The pockets are big enough for everything and anything. It’s like sort of a portable security blanket for me – I feel so darn “safe” in it!

I love your blog – and I remember that red gingham apron. It is just beautiful…absolutely.


Kathy D

Great apron and Love the name of your blog It made me laugh


My paternal grandmother came over to the United States from France when she was 13. She always had an apron on.
Usually, it was a half apron; unless, she was cooking Sunday dinner! Grandma used her apron in a lot of ways! I can remember when it would start to sprinkle, she would begin gathering her small chicks in her apron to get them under cover in the chicken shed. Her apron was a very thing material and had birds on it. She loved canaries and had at least three all of the time. Grandma loved to hear them sing!
Thanks for the chance to win a copy of a wonderful magazine and a OOAK apron made by you. Cindi

My favorite apron is which ever one I am currently wearing. I always wear an apron when I cook or do housework.

My favorite memory of an apron is one I made years ago. It was aqua and had laundry on a clothesline printed on it. My son who was about 12 then would put on this apron and tie a red bandana on his when we did housework.
Yes, he was a bit dramatic. He is all grown up now and in his 2nd year of law school – so I guess he will always be dramatic.

Thanks for hosting the giveaway.

kim f

My favorite apron was one my grandmother always wore. It had sunflowers on it and she must have worn it for 25 years. Thanks for the giveaway!

My favorite apron is one I just made. I found a black fabric with aprons on, and just fell in love with that fabric and had to get it! You can see the apron on my blog.
I can’t work in the kitchen without an apron, so it would be very nice to learn how to make some more.

Victoria Reidelberger

One of my favorite memories of my grandmother is her in her apron, which was most of the time. It was a full apron almost like a dress. I would love to be included in the drawing, Thank you so much.

What a splendid giveaway!

I just love aprons. Aprons are something I have many favorites of…my favorite apron is the clean, fresh apron I tie on in the morning.

I’m sharing this giveaway on my blog.

I have 2 aprons that I love especially. Both were made by my sister Judy, one for me that is covered with sweet flowers on a blue field, the second was made for my daughter, Erin as a college graduation gift. Judy embroidered a sheep on it, because sheep are my daughters favorite animal. It has a really large pocket, and the apron strings are long enough to tie in front. They are both beautiful, but the main reason I love them, is because there is so much love sewn into them, both for me, and my daughter. I would appreciate being included in your drawing, although I do not have a blog of my own. I found your giveaway through my sisters’ blog.

So my favorite apron was very thoughtful…a friend found a white apron and decorated herself with puffy paint and sewed on some kitchen type buttons…and gave it to me as a bridal shower gift. So sweet, though the buttons got in the way a bit!


How thoughtful of you to offer this sweet treat to a visitor. My favorite apron was one I created for myself when I was teaching fourth grade. It had Captain Kangaroo pockets to hold everything I needed to keep a bustling classroom orderly. I remember it was a bright yellowish/orangeish with orange patterned pockets. Very ’70’s. LOL After those days came marriage and motherhood and I haven’t sewn since.

All the best, Lana


My favorite apron may be a surprise. Because it is a Denny’s Restaurant apron. I doubt they still have them. My sister gave me one when she worked there about 30 years or more ago. But I do love that apron. I love aprons, but I see myself going back to this one over and over again.

My fave’s are my grandma apron’s and her linens. They keep me close to her.


My favorite is a faded and worn apron with two big pockets that my Granny use to wear every Sunday as she cooked a family lunch for all of us!


My favorite apron is not one that I wear, but is actually my youngest daughter Eliana’s. Her big sister made it for her 5th birthday. It’s a half apron made with vintage fabric….green with little kittens on it….it has a scalloped edge that is trimmed with eyelet. It’s been well used and loved and even though it is a bit small now she still loves to wear it (she just turned 8), and still looks adorable in it.

Thank you for this wonderful giveaway….I posted about it on my blog this morning.


What a fabulous give-away. :o) I still don’t have a copy of that magazine.
I have atleast 36 aprons stuffed in corners of my house. I love them all because they remind me of the people that made them for me, the place I got it from or make me think about women in the past that made and wore them.
My all time favorite was the first one I every got and that was a muslin apron my mom made for me with a golden yellow star quilt block for the bib. I wore that until it is totally threadbare. I still have it and keep it in my safe apron place. I re-did the apron in a tutorial on my blog in May of 2007 for Mother’s day and gave her the new copy of the apron.

Hi there, Susan!

I love all of the aprons that we have…. the girls and I use and wear them daily. Not sure that I have a favorite apron memory, but I hope that I am creating some wonderful ones for my children as I delight in serving them, apron-clad.

Thanks for entering me in your give-away!

I love aprons! I make some with some really cool fabrics. easy peasy to make and I use tapestry fabrics which are a little heavier than cotton. My all time favorite apron though is one that a friend of mine made for me. I have 5 children and my tagline is “Remember me not for the condition of my home but for the love contained within its walls.” She took a pair of old jeans and cut them at the crotch area straight across. Cut out the zipper and then ran a ruffle around the whole edge. Ran a ribbon through the waist which the back pockets become the front of the apron and she added a bib in which she embroidered my saying along with a mama hen and 5 baby chicks. I just love it!!

Lily July

My memory garden is filled with aprons and the marvelous women who wore them! My dear grandmother is the first lady I see… She had a drawer full of aprons – the ‘working’ kind with deep pockets made of pretty floral cotton prints and trimmed in matching bias tape. I also picture the hair-netted school lunch ladies with their bibbed white aprons and wrap around ties… They worked so hard and I loved the yummy food they prepared for starving little students! I see a neighbor lady who always made the BEST cookies while wearing a ‘waist’ apron made of cheery gingham checked fabric… usually adorned in ric-rac or cross-stitched embroidery. I see my mother (who died when I was a young girl) helping me learn to sew as I made a 4-H apron… the kind that looped on a plastic waist band.

My FAVORITE apron memory is when I was 8 years old. My Sunday School teacher was getting married and she asked all the girls in her class to be ‘servers’ at her wedding reception. All my little girlfriends and I were over-the-moon excited to be part of her wedding reception! We were so proud to carry sparkling glass dessert plates (the kind that held a glass teacup on the small plate… anyone remember them?) laden with a little paper cup containing mixed nuts, pastel colored mints on the side, a square of fancy wedding cake, and a cup of punch to the awaiting guests. Most of all, I LOVED the white, frilly, fancy-schmancy organza aprons all of us girls were given. They were trimmed in delicate white lace and featured a sheer lavender heart pocket with an embroidered lily-of-the-valley flower on it. My girlfriends and I were careful not to tip the plates or the red punch would stain the pristine white wedding cake… a little nerve-wracking! But, as we passed each other going from tables to kitchen, the flouncing, elegant aprons brought secret smiles to each of us!

Thanks for the walk down memory lane…

Long live aprons!!!

IF I win, I will give the Apronology book away, since I already have a copy….

sheesh..I can’t even remember if I entered this..yikes. anyhow..I have quite a few fave aprons, in fact a really neat set of aprons from 1920’s that are small child size aprons from 2 sisters..they were their home ec. class sewing projects way back in the early 20’s. they are really neat. Then I have a pristine crisp white apron that was a maids apron from about 1890. in awesome shape.
Then I have another one from the 50’s that is a pretty gingham red with a chicken as the pocket, completely stitched by hand.
Anyhow..I’d love to add a apron made by you to my collection..nothing like having an apron a friend made.
hugs, Tina

I would LOVE to be entered in this giveaway! I do not own an apron (I know…can you believe it?!) and would love to have one to wear while I am baking. My favorite apron was worn by my great grandmother. I can remember it having two large pockets on the front in which she always had candy hidden for me. It was a gingham red and white apron and I swear that she wore that thing every single day. I can remember that whenever I gave her a hug I would get flour all over me from her wiping her hands on her apron. Wow…I haven’t thought about that for such a long time!

Thanks for entering me in your giveaway 🙂

Chris F.

I like the Hello Kitty polkadot apron from the apron*ology book.

Thank you for the giveaway.

I cant believe I just missed out on this one!!!!! But for what it’s worth I love my new apron from Twinklebelle. It’s a simple full apron with huge purple and brown flowers on a white background. Got the mom/daughter set so my little girl can wear the same one. If you get a chance maybe stop by my site. I’m grabbing your button to post on my side bar too!

I’m fairly new to the crafting world but one of my first projects was a craft apron for my two-year-old little girl. I’m so very proud of it. Her eyes light up when I whip it out because she knows it’s time to paint/glue/cut/create. I’ve been scouring the web this morning for a tutorial on making a mommy sized apron and came across this. Looks like I almost missed out on the draw. 😉


I just wanted you to know that my favorite apron is made of ticking fabric, with big pockets, and precious flower trim . My friend Susan mad it. I wore it this weekend when we made bread and pancakes!


I wear an apron everyday as part of my uniform. I am employed as a live in housemaid. But my favorite apron is the one I wear on Sundays. I help look after the babies and small children at Church in the kindy room. I have two aprons I were there, both ankle length full aprons. One is pink with small floral print, the other, pink gingham check. I think I have seen this style described as Ladies Prairie Aprons.
In Him,

marie peters

If I had read the blog earlier you could have saved a lot of time by giving me the prize! I am actually looking for a gingham apron pattern that is cut on the bias and has counterchange smocking on it.

I enjoyed reading about you on your web site, Not Quite June Cleaver, as I too enjoy staying at home (I work at home part-time, and help raise my 2 grandsons, garden a bit, etc, etc. I have recently bought a sewing machine, patterns, etc. and I have been toying with the idea of making some simple clothing and of course, aprons.

I recently watched a Ms. Marple mystery and in it a minor character wore a front wrap-around apron which was fully cut and tied at the waist. It crossed at the chest making a V and was like a long sleeveless wrap dress that covered most if not all of her street length dress. I thought it was quite nice looking.

Have you ever seen either an apron such as this and/or a pattern for such?

Thanks! Meera

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