Busy as a bee.

Just a quck note to say I am still here and kicking.  Lots going on here and not much time to post.  I am keeping up with everyone’s lovely apron stories and enjoying them tremendously.  Thanks so much for sharing.

I am trying to get some storage buildings rearranged and cleaned out.  An older son moved into a new apartment and just general everyday work done.  So…I will be back soon, caught up on things and ready to chat with you all.

Oh, and of course I have a couple of apron orders to get out and the one for this last giveaway finished.  My days are busy!

Have a Terrific Thursday and here is a little tidbit for you:

“Most people don’t have any idea about all the complicated life going on inside a hive. Bees have a secret life we don’t know anything about” ~ August (The Secret Lives of Bees)

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Just popped over to your link from Lesley’s “friends” at Small Meadow Press and may I say I like your whole family already! Benjamin looks just as dear at 13 as he did as a toddler. And the chickens are wonderful! (We live in the city in a 1920-30’s suburb, but I did manage to have 6 ducks – first in the study, then in the basement – with carefully guarded field trips to the yard to dine on wild violets in the grass.) After 6 weeks, all the duckies went to a pre-arranged home on a horse farm where they vacuumed up after the horses, swam in the pond, and lived happily ever after. It is so nice to see a family like yours. Our children are now grown and gone, but I still wear aprons, get inspired when I read a post like yours, and send along one big vote FOR the chicken house!

Don’t forget to take a little “me” time too Susan! All work and no play, well you know how it goes! XXOO